Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind. Romans 12:2

Blessings and joy to you! My name is Dr. Letticia Callies (Dr. Joy). I help overwhelmed, worn out, hurting people live with purpose and intention by optimizing productivity, resilience, and wellness utilizing our J.O.Y. Strategy – Jesus, Others + Oils, and Yourself. I developed a unique program that combines my doctorate in ministry in Christian Counseling psychology, my certification in clinical aromatherapy, and my years of experience working in professional and personal development. I help you smile when you rise. I help you overcome the mountains in front of you. I help you deepen your faith in Jesus. I help you choose joy amid the trials in life. Live in the joy of improved mental, physical, and spiritual health while experiencing the positive impact YOUR life can have in the world. Live out your joyful purpose. LET’S DO THIS!

Your Joy Journey Begins Here

Whether you want to bring the blessing of the powerful and effective benefits of authentic essential oils into your home or you are seeking joy coaching support, we have an option for you.

Bring the benefits and blessings of Young Living essential oils right into your home. Enjoy toxin free living and feel empowered with your overall health! Dr. Joy will be your sponsor and guide as she educates you on the safe and effective use of your essential oils.

Join Dr. Joy as she leads JOY Lifestyle sessions integrating Biblical principles, evidence-based lifestyle tips, and essential oil application. Dr. Joy prioritizes compassionate communication, simple solutions, and persistent prayers to help her clients reach their goals.

Experience the power of the Word of God right at your fingertips. Enjoy daily devotions, pick out plans specific to your needs, connect with friends, and deepen your faith daily. Explore the opportunity to spread your joy. Dr. Letticia uses this as part of her daily devotion.

Love our Joy Mission?

Help us spread the joy to more people by making a donation to support Dr. Letticia in publishing her upcoming books. Thank you for your support!

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