Why JOY?

Welcome to J.O.Y.Full Inspirations!  My name is Tisha which means “Joy.” I am a passionate about health and wellness. I’m a gluten-free baking, cooking, homeschooling, oily mom on a mission to encourage and inspire as many people as possible. Thank you for stopping by. Stick around and I’ll share with you all the ways I am J.O.Y.Fully Inspired.

Why “J.O.Y.Full Inspirations”?

So you may be asking, “What is this woman’s obsession with JOY?” It started out many years ago when I was inspired by someone’s interpretation of the acronym J.O.Y. – Jesus, Others, Yourself.  In my experience, I have found joy in my day when I hit all three in that order. God first. Then my family and others. Then…drumroll please…YOURSELF. The most important thing for me was NOT neglecting myself (which is soooooo challenging).

The “FULL” means not only “Full of J.O.Y.” but also my FULL house. We have six children (4 boisterous boys and 2 girls).  Need I say more?

Inspirations, well it speaks for itself.  My inspirations stem from my J.O.Y. I have been inspired by my Savior, my family, my friends and others.

Our Mission

At J.O.Y.Full Inspirations, our goal is to provide you with encouragement and inspiration as you walk through this journey called life. I want to see individuals and families transformed, marriages renewed, homeschool parents encouraged, and improved health and wellness. I know I am just one little busy mom, but I hope to make a big impact. After all, amazing things happen when God shows up!!!

Choose Joy

When you face challenges, you may feel alone, sad, upset, confused, or discouraged. I hope to encourage, support, and inspire you on life’s journey. I, like many people, have experienced some difficult turns in life. I am making the choice to uncover the JOY in my journey right in the midst of all the chaos and challenges of life.  Join me. You, too, can choose to uncover the joy in your chaos and challenges. We all have difficult roads we must walk and each of us has a choice, so choose JOY. So stay for a minute and browse around my friend. I hope you find something here that inspires you!

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5 thoughts on “Why JOY?”

  1. I have enjoyed looking around a bit. Thank you for the like and follow at Hill Love. I am so glad you stopped by because it led me to your blog. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring! I look forward to reading more and connecting. Have a blessed day!


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