City Girl

Just a City Girl…

I grew up in Miami, Florida.  Hot, humid, and BUSY! After living life city style for over 20 years, I went off to grad school at Michigan State University. After I completely froze my tush off in my first year in grad school (seriously???? What was I thinking?), I married the love of my life and my best friend. I finished my Master’s degree and began working my dream job. It was a blessing to teach professional development courses to professional athletes. My city life ended and my small town life started. What happened next?

The Closet

In 2006, I was inspired in my prayer closet one day. I felt called to bring baked goods to the local women and children’s shelter. My response was “Seriously, Lord, I have no idea how to bake! Homemade to me is a cake out of a box, which I burn most of the time.” I should have been voted the world’s worst baker. So, how did I end up with a passion for baking? Well, the short of it is God can do amazing things when we are willing to let Him use us.

In addition to working my dream job, I started baking homemade, all-natural, wholesome goodies along with our part-time nanny.  As a family we delivered them weekly to the local women and children’s homeless shelter. It was a growth experience in servitude. It was a JOY to see their faces light up every week.

The Job Change

Weeks after our 4th blessing was born in 2010 our family experienced many changes, which included closing our home charity and making a big move to the “country” (okay, not cow and farm country but outside city limits, which is enough country for me!).  I let go of my dream job and started a new dream job. I became a full-time, home-schooling, stay-at-home mom… the things you do for LOVE! As I spent more time at home, I researched and tested how to make more things from scratch. I wanted our family to eat healthier food in the home.  At the same time we could ease the strain on the budget as our family continued to grow.

“If Only…”

…your friends could see you now. A city girl living the country life, making things from scratch” is something my husband often says as he chuckles. I have come a long way over the years. I was born a city girl, but my heart loves the country life (like my dad!). Welcome to my city-country life!