DIY Diaper Pail Spray


Nurseries tend to have a stale, stinky diaper smell that penetrates throughout the house. No matter what diaper pail you use or how tight you tie up those diaper bags, somehow the smell escapes! Those diapers are dangerous! I like to spend time in the nursery, not run away from it. So I use this diaper spray to help eliminate those stinky diaper odors. This diaper pail spray is mixed with a blend of Young Living Purification blend with a hint of Young Living lemon essential oil, which is known for it’s refreshing scent. Spray in diaper pails or garbage cans that house dirty diapers. You can also use it as a baby room deodorizer to freshen up the room. Shake well before use.

DIY Diaper Pail Spray

  • Difficulty: Easy
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1/2 cup distilled water
1 Tbsp pure grain alcohol (e.g., vodka) or unscented witch hazel
12 drops YL Purification essential oil (YL Dist. #2924389)
2 drops YL Lemon essential oil (YL Dist. # 2924389)
4 oz dark glass spray bottle
small funnel


  1. In a glass container, add alcohol and essential oils.
  2. Let sit for 15-30 minutes to allow time for the oils to dissolve in the alcohol.
  3. Add water.
  4. Using a funnel, add mixture to glass spray bottle.
  5. Shake well before use.

T-Tip: This is great to keep handy in diaper bags, cars, and other places you change diapers. 

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