Food for the Soul

 How I Got Started

About 17 years ago, I was just out of college working at my first “real” job. I had a perpetual calendar that had a scripture verses for the day with a thought for guidance or encouragement. I liked how it set my mind on the Lord to start my work day. So I decided  to type up the scripture and message each day and send it out to coworkers and everyone on my email list.

Startup Stock Photos

I called it “Food for the Day.” In time, my email list got longer, prayer requests came in, and my scripture verses were selected based on my prayers and what the Lord put on my heart. I changed the name to “Food for the Soul.” I loved sharing the love of Christ with others. After many years of sharing the Food for the Soul that season was closed but I felt in my heart that God wasn’t done with me yet.

A Rebirth

I knew if the Lord so desired it, He would open the doors for me to send out the Food for the Soul again. I am so excited to share this special time with you. I truly believe that balanced wellness is not only food, exercise, and reducing toxins in our body, but also wellness for our souls. Come gather at my table with me as I share some of the JOYs the Lord puts on my heart. I pray you will be blessed, challenged, and grow in your walk with the Lord.  

 Be anxious for nothing