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My Favorite Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

I discovered the benefits of essential oils during my sixth pregnancy. I love the health and wellness benefits that I have experienced using essential oils during my pregnancy, labor, and beyond. When you pack your bag for labor and delivery, be sure to include some of these wonderful essential oils. You can start enjoying the benefits of using these oils during your pregnancy EXCEPT Clary Sage. Use Clary Sage only AFTER labor has started. enJOY!

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  • Lavender – calming, relaxing, balancing, supports healthy skin
  • Peppermint – energizing, nausea relief, digestive support
  • Gentle Baby – soothing, calming, stress relief, aids in prenatal bonding with baby, prepares perineum for labor, helps calm coach, calming for baby and mother, helps prevent stretch marks and scars
  • Ylang Ylang – emotional balance, relaxing, calming
  • Valor or Valor II – empowerment, confidence, focus, energy balance
  • Clary Sage – supports labor, stress relief, female hormonal support, relaxing (make sure to dilute)
  • Frankincense – calms emotions, eases discomforts during labor, supports healthy skin, grounding
Where Can I Find Quality Essential Oils?

I trust Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed to Seal promise. I don’t have to worry about using oils that may contain solvents, fillers, or other harmful additives.  Young Living Essential Oils can be purchased online. Choose the wholesale option (my ID# 2924389) to start with a wonderful kit including a diffuser and 11 essential oils and receive 24% off your purchases OR choose the retail option to purchase individual oils and products without a discount. When you order from here, I will send you three FREE special gifts to help you get the most from your essential oils. To learn more about essential oils, join my FREE e-course Achieving Abundant Health with Essential Oils. enJOY!

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