Ideas for Uses

I quickly figured out some great uses for my essential oils. I have a couple essential oil resource handbooks (LifeScience, Gentle Babies) that I continuously use as a reference for uses and benefits for my family and our home.

Here are some ways I used my starter kit:Joy-in my heart

Lavender This is a must have for everything under the sun. It is calming, great for DIY recipes, and I diffused it every night and I still do. I add this to my day and night facial cream too. This is wonderful for a calming bath or add it to your body wash.

Joy  I use this everyday as my perfume (this oil has been replaced in the starter kit but you can order it separately or in the Everyday Oils Kit). This is very calming yet uplifting. This is my kids’ favorite scent. They snuggle close when I wear it and they love to sniff my diffusing locket and smile.

Citrus Fresh  My son claimed this whole bottle for his own. We put in a roller ball and he sniffed and rolled away almost everyday until it was gone. It was a good mood booster for him and all of us. I like to diffuse this in his room and in our school area.

Stress Away That’s right… Say bye bye to that stress. Inhale, diffuse, use for a massage, or add a drop to water after a hard workout! Yeah, oh yeah.

Frankincense  Can I say “Hello beautiful skin?” I got so many compliments on my skin postpartum…dark circles and all. I just add a few drops to my night cream and Voila! I also use this for immune support.

Lemon This stuff barely lasts a month in my house. We use it for cleaning, immune boosting, and lemon water. Add a drop to your water or drinks for a nice lemon twist and it helps promote a healthy digestive system.

Lemon- water
This is great with sparkling water!

Purification This is amazing stuff. After a deep frying session in our house, I diffuse this to get rid of the greasy smell. I mix this with ¼ cup of water and a few drops of lemon essential oil and use it to clean my counter tops. This was also my life saver for soothing all kinds of bug bites over the summer.

Tea Tree This came in handy to help promote health and wellness for me postpartum. This was a life saver! This is also great for promoting healthy skin.

Pan Away This stuff is AWESOME. The scent if uplifting and stimulating. I diluted this to use for my daughter and finished the rest of the bottle on my mom when she came to visit. Use this after a hard workout as a muscle rub.

Peppermint I love this stuff. I used most of my first bottle for my daughter. I mixed it with lavender and she loved it. I rub it on my kid’s tummy. I also like to inhale it during the day for a great pick-me-up. I keep this on hand during road trips. This is also great for promoting healthy digestion.

Can I say AWESOME!!!

Theives Like many of the oils, this has many uses. It is good for cleaning, diffusing to kill germs, and rubbing on the bottom of feet for boosting the immune system. This is a great addition to DIY foaming soap.

A diffuser This bad baby is AWESOME! I run mine everyday. I have since built up my inventory to have one on the main floor, one in my bedroom, a small one in my bathroom, and an even smaller one in my vehicle.

Be on your way to improved health and wellness. The only regret I have is not using them sooner!

So How Do I Get Started?

To begin your experience with Young Living essential oils, START HERE (My ID#2924389 if not autofilled)) and choose the wholesale option to receive the Premium Starter Kit described above. Your benefits include:

piggy bank

  • 24 % off all future purchases
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  • Requirements for membership: ONE purchase of 50 PV within A YEAR, that’s it. ONE purchase to keep your membership going!

The premium starter kit is the best money-saving deal, but if you want to start with a few oils choose the retail option (MY ID #2924389 if not autofilled). You won’t get a 24% discount but you can sign up for wholesale membership later. enJOY!



When you sign up for a wholesale membership, I will send you TWO special gifts from our JOYFull Oily Family to yours: a reference guide and an amber glass dropper bottle to store your carrier oil. You will also be a part of our bigger mission: CHARITY.


Where Do I Get Help with Using My Oils?

I know it can be an joyful yet overwhelming experience when you receive that beautiful box filled with all those wonderful oils! I will make myself available to you to help you get started on your journey with essential oils. I will also connect you with a wonderful group of people who are actively using Young Living Essential Oils and experiencing the amazing benefits of abundant health and wellness. You can contact me at


Everyday oils-smell rainbow

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

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