Our Gluten-Free Family

team c drawingWhy We Chose Gluten Free

My passion for baking helped me keep my JOY when our family transitioned to a gluten-free diet in 2013, shortly after our 5th blessing was born. Regardless of my healthy weight, “healthy” eating habits and exercise, I was still high risk for diabetes. We also faced other challenges including behaviors, lack of focus, and skin issues. And with Celiac disease in our extended family, we decided as a family we would support each other as we gave up eating gluten as well as significantly reducing our consumption of processed sugar.

Our Gluten-Free Journey

The transition was very difficult for the family and especially for me as the homemaker. I didn’t want my family to miss out on all the food everyone else got to eat. I often found myself frustrated, confused, feeling alone and just wanting to throw in the towel. Conventional gluten-free food was so expensive, starchy and sugary (a big no no for diabetes) and sometimes barely edible – or at least not too enjoyable – and often lacking nutrients. How could we afford to feed our large family on a gluten-free diet?


I sought to make things homemade to save money. Often, the recipes I found online claiming to be “so good” would turn out to be a flop… and money down the drain. I was so upset. I felt my baking days were over. “I wish I had someone to walk along side me” was what I often thought. Friends gave me recommendations, blogs, and websites which really helped me, but what I needed was someone to come along side me and show me the way to do it (and get through it).

What could have broken me, I chose to let it inspire me. It didn’t come easy, but with the support of my family, friends, many gluten-free websites, and lots and lots of prayer, I found my passion again.

Reaching Out To Others

counting blessings

Having similar frustrations, many people have asked me for help as they experiment with going gluten free. Understanding what they are feeling, I don’t want them to go through what I went through. Many people ask for my recipes, which are usually a bunch of notes overwritten on recipe printouts that are pretty much illegible to anyone. People ask about home schooling, budgeting, organizing, and just how to manage life with a big family. This is what has INSPIRED me to do this site. I want to reach out and help as many people as I can; the Internet is the best way for me to do that. Now, instead of photocopying my crazy notes, or saying “Yeah, I’ll email you that recipe” and getting around to it months later, I can just post it!

I don’t want people to struggle like I did (and still do sometimes!). Making the choice to change is hard. Sticking with it takes time, commitment and flexibility but the rewards are worth it.  Our family has experienced many benefits from our lifestyle changes and we are so THANKFUL!