Second Stage Cheat Sheet

Second Stage Cheat Sheet

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It is time to push! Conserve your energy and focus on pushing at the peak of your contractions. Work on completely relaxing in between contractions to help preserve your energy. Remain calm, focused, and determined. During this phase you may move into different pushing positions to help move you baby through the birth canal. It is helpful to have this sheet ready for your coach/doula to use. Be sure to review this with your coach/doula and discuss your expectations. Keep your diffuser running!

For energy and hydration:

coconut water

  • NingXa Red – 1 Tbsp per hour for energy and antioxidants                           


  • Raw honey – 1 tsp per hour for energy
  • Coconut water for replenishment and hydration
For relaxing:
  • Use essential oils from previous stages including Relaxing Mama Massage Oil, Lavender essential oil, and Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend.
  • Diffuse Lavender and Ylang Ylang mix or Gentle Baby in labor room (fill diffuser with water and add 4 drops lavender and 4 drops Ylang Ylang or 8 drops Gentle Baby)
  • Close your eyes, add Relaxing Mama massage oil or lavender to a cloth and pat forehead between pushing. 
  • Inhale lavender and ylang ylang blend when your baby crowns and you need to slow down or stop pushing. This will help you relax.
To promote focus and determination:
  • Valor II or Valor
    • Inhale directly from bottle after every couple pushes or as needed.
    • Add 4 drops to a 1/2 filled diffuser and diffuse close to you.

For an energy boost:

  • Peppermint
    • Inhale directly from bottle before your contraction peaks and you start pushing.
To calm emotions and ease discomfort:


  • Inhale directly from bottle in between pushes or as needed. 
  • Add 4 drops to a 1/2 filled diffuser and diffuse close to you.
  • Dilute 2:1 (2 drops carrier oil, 1 drop Frankincense) and massage on neck, arms, shoulders.
  • To ease discomfort: dilute 1:1 and apply to stomach and lower back

baby feet





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