The Coffee That LOVES You Back


The first time I had a cup of Organo coffee, I was curious as to how a coffee can make you so feel good! I am not talking about caffeine “feel good” but my body felt good. I thought it was just in my head until I tried a second cup…and a third cup…and a box! “There is something different about this coffee,” I thought to myself. So I had a few close friends try it and they were impressed. They said the same thing I said, “I feel good…but a different kind of good energy.”

So I researched it more and found out that the benefits of this cup of coffee are ridiculously good! From supporting a neutral pH level, to promoting better sleep, to supporting healthy blood sugars, I was intrigued. It’s the Ganoderma difference! Getting the stamp of approval from our Nutritional Testing Practitioner and Chiropractor, we decided to do the switch. As a Certified Aromatherapist and mom of six, I am always researching ways to support the whole body through natural alternatives  and simple lifestyle changes to help our body be at its best.

Many people LOVE their coffee and now your coffee can LOVE you back. Drink to your health and raise money for missions with every cup!  Join me for a 30-Challenge by switching out your every day Java for Organo and feel the difference. You’ll be amazed at just how good you’ll feel!

I use Organo coffee in addition to my essential oils and Ningxia regimen while limiting the toxins in our home.

Health and Hope.

Touch a life,

Change a million.

What is Organo Coffee? Learn more HERE


What is your favorite Java?