Hello Friend,

What does transformation mean to you? Transform the way you think? Maybe transform your home?

When I first started using Young Living essential oils, I was limited in my scope of what essential oils could do for my health, health of my family, and my home. With a little time and education, I learned that aromatherapy is SO MUCH MORE than making your house smell good!

At the time, I desperately needed a life makeover. Can you relate? I wanted to feel more empowered with my health and home. I found essential oil-infused alternatives for products I used every day. I embraced the opportunity to fill my home with cleaning and dental care products I can feel good about, plus natural additions to my spice cabinet, and more.

Here are some highlights:

Oral Care

Care for your teeth and gums with fluoride-free toothpaste, mouthwash, and essential oil-infused dental floss.

Healthy Cooking

Now your seasonings can come in oil form. Add essential oils to your favorite dishes to inject bold seasoning to bring your cuisine to new heights. Add a drop of lemon to your smoothie or hot tea, basil to sauces, soups, and dips, spearmint to cold salads, nutmeg to cookies, or peppermint to your favorite chocolate protein drink. There are so many options, limited only by your culinary imagination. All of the essential oils meant for dietary consumption and supplementation are packaged in bottles with a distinctive white label.

Natural Cleaning

I remember when I first became aware of the effects of toxins in my cleaners. I didn’t feel right giving a bottle of cleaner to my kids to do their chores when I knew they were toxic. That began my search for a “clean” cleaning products for our home. Believe me, I searched for some time before I found something I liked that worked.

If your current household cleaners have you gasping for fresh air, reach for our effective line of household cleaning products. They not only clean as well or better than conventional products, but have a wonderful aroma and set your home’s environment up to be health-supporting as well.

Freshen the air in your home by diffusing essential oils throughout. Not only does this remove lingering smells, but inhalation of the oils promotes better health, going well beyond simple odor removal.


Our line of pet and animal care products can bring the same quality of care and health support that you enjoy to the furry friends in your life. Shampoo and conditioner designed just for pets, and a line of specially formulated essential oil blends can help promote your pet’s healthy lifestyle.


Modern living has many demands, and staying energetic and full of vitality is essential to get the most out of life. Our essential-oil infused products can help you snack healthier, enrich and nourish with multivitamins and antioxidant support, manage your weight, boost your body systems, support joint health, and more, for anyone’s health and wellness journey.

Beauty & Skin Care

Unleash your pure inner radiance with essential oils. From smooth-looking skin to a clear-looking complexion, our all natural products set aside the toxins to help you bring forward a lustrous glow.


By tapping into a core part of our brain, essential oils can promote whole body and soul relaxation. Explore the possibilities presented by nature’s finest essential oils and oil blends to achieve a new level of harmony and tranquility.


Transformation is not only about essential oils and natural products. It takes an effort on your part to incorporate healthy daily habits and positive lifestyle changes that will nurture and refresh you so you can give the best version of you to God and others.

Small steps lead to big results. Even making a single change for the better in your life can have ripple effects on other areas of your life and other people’s lives.

Choose joy!

Dr. Joy