Transition Cheat Sheet

Transition Cheat Sheet

yes I canTransition is a tough stage, but with some focus and natural comfort measures, you can make it through. Your contractions will feel like they are one on top of the other and you will barely get a chance to recover. It is important to continue to relax, stay hydrated, and preserve your energy for the pushing phase. During this phase you may not want to be touched or moved so most of the oils are inhaled, added to the birthing tub, or applied with a cloth for comfort. It is helpful to have this sheet ready for your coach/doula to use. Be sure to review this with your coach/doula and discuss your expectations. Keep your diffuser running!

For energy and hydration:

coconut water

  • NingXa Red – 1 Tbsp per hour for energy and antioxidants                           


  • Raw honey – 1 tsp per hour for energy
  • Coconut water for replenishment and hydration
For relaxing:
  • Use essential oils from previous stages including Relaxing Massage Oil, Lavender essential oil, and Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend.
  • Diffuse Lavender or Gentle Baby in labor room (fill diffuser with water and add 8 drops lavender or Gentle Baby)
  • Apply 2-4 drops of lavender to wet cloth and inhale. Put cloth on forehead or back of neck.
  • Add to birthing tub
  • Add a drop to pillow.
To promote focus, strength, and confidence:
  • Valor II or Valor
    • Inhale directly from bottle between every other contraction or as needed.
    • Add a couple drops to a cloth and apply to shoulders to calm.
To calm emotions and ease discomfort:

sunset with flowers


  • Inhale directly from bottle in between contractions or as needed. 
  • Add a couple drops to a cool cloth and inhale deeply.
  • Apply cool cloth to forehead, back of neck, or shoulders
  • To ease discomfort: dilute 1:1 and apply to stomach and lower back