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Help…My House Is…


Trashed! Yes, we all have been there, right? We go out on a family vacation, come home, and hit the floor running. Life doesn’t stop just because you are on post-vacation brain trying to get it all together, right? Suitcases claim permanent residence on the floors of the house because you haven’t had a minute to unpack. The car smells like milk, bananas, cheerios, and any other food you consumed on the road trip. The kitchen floor is sticky from all the food unpacked from the car and everything dragged in from the kids because you are too occupied with getting it together and you don’t have energy to tell them to clean up.

So the sanity comes with the thought that “You’ll catch up with the cleaning on Saturday…right?” Is there such a thing as catching up with cleaning with a family of eight? Perhaps…maybe for a minute 🙂


So today, it is cleaning day for us. We are five hours in and we are to the point that we can walk through a room without feeling like we are on the military obstacle course. I am diffusing Purification essential oil blend which is wonderful for getting the stale, stinky smells out of the house while leaving a fresh, clean scent…without the chemicals! Ahhh…a little spa experience for the work day. Now we are going to show this house who is boss…

Let’s do the math: 4 boys in one bathroom (all missing the mark), loads of laundry, dishes for 3 meals x 8 people, floors, beds, bathrooms…(and a 16-month old crawling around emptying drawers…anyone have some extra hands I can borrow?)

Ok…let’s do this (this is me pumping myself up for the task ahead). With four boys in one bathroom, I need something strong (if you know what I mean!). I have tried MANY different natural cleaners on the market and nothing has worked. I settled for the vinegar smell because that was our best option. But alas, there is Thieves household cleaner. Not only does it break down the smell, but it leaves a fresh scent that makes me actually want to step into their bathroom. Happy MOMMY! It’s the small things in life…right?


Thieves household cleaner works wonders for our house filled with six boisterous children.  Floor messes, counter tops, spills in the fridge, dirty trash cans, greasy stove (anyone with me on this?). Thieves household cleaner is great for cleaning the whole house and it is super cheap for a natural cleaner (that is the bargain shopper in me talking). I only use 1 tsp per 1/2 cup of distilled water and it has lasted me over 6 months (and that is for a lot of cleaning for a lot of people!).

Break time is over (stalling)…back to cleaning (stalling)…Can you relate? (a.k.a. please send me a comment so I have an excuse to stop cleaning and respond).


I Would Love To Help You Clean Your Home

I love helping others who are interested in improving their health and wellness and taking steps to a toxic-free home and life. There are many ways you can clean effectively without harsh chemicals AND you can have fun making your own DIY cleaners in just minutes. I would love to hear from you. Send me a message at or find me on Facebook!


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