DIY Supplies

Making your own products can be quick, easy, and affordable! I enJOY creating products using essential oils and I want to make it easy for you. Here are some links and tips for stocking supplies for your DIY essential oils recipes. Store them together in a container so you have them all together for your DIY projects. Have fun creating your own home, beauty, health and wellness products, and gifts on a budget. I also shared some of my favorite essential oil accessories! enJOY experimenting and transforming your home into toxic-free home!

DIY Essential Oils Supplies

I purchase my essential oils online from Young Living Essential Oils. After my fair share of research, I kept coming back to Young Living. These oils have been life changing for us. I use these essential oils for everything from health and wellness to a toxic-free home. These oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic-grade unadulterated essential oils stamped with Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise. They are the world leader in essential oils! They carry over 170 different single essential oils and blends. I love their essential oils because I know where they come from and I trust their quality for me and my family.

DIY Product-Base Supplies

lemongrass body wash

DIY Preparation Supplies

Funnels – This set on the right has a range of sizes. I use smaller ones for filling rollerballs and larger ones for my large spray bottles or soap dispenser. When I go on a rollerball frenzy, I like to have multiple small funnels (on left) so I can make 6 at a time! This works great for when my friends come over and we have a rollerball party!

Glass measuring cups – I have a 1 cup, 2 cup, and a 4 oz one for smaller projects (Walmart has them for less than $2).

Measuring spoons – I have several set aside just for DIY projects – find for $1 at the dollar store!

Mason jars – I have some just for DIY projects. Great for melting and mixing your base for lotions.

Glass storage jars in various sizes – great for storing facial creams, body butter, etc.

Hand mixer (use for whipping lotions)

Squeeze bottle – I use this to store some castile soap. It is easy to dispense and it is easier than using my gallon bulk size bottle! You can find cheap ones in the kitchen section at Walmart.

Cleaning Brushes – These are great for washing and reusing your glass containers and rollerballs!

DIY Storage Supplies

Dark Glass Soap Dispenser– I love this for our DIY body wash.

Dark Glass spray bottles – I have various sizes. Smaller ones for personal use and larger ones for cleaners and deodorizers

Dark glass dropper bottles – I use these for storing my carrier oils for daily use. I also use these to store my DIY essential oils blends.

RollerballsThese are SO handy. I mix my essential oil blends and put them in my purse, diaper bag,  car, bedside and different stations around the house. Each of member of my family have a set of rollerballs based on their needs.


Inhalers – These are great to make and take on the go. Inhalers are a great way to support the respiratory system. They are also great for emotional support, for a pick-me-up, or when you need a little boost.  Mix your own blends.

Glass Craft Containers – I like using special glass containers for bath salts, home made oil diffusers, and other gifts. You can find a great selection at hobby stores like Hobby Lobby or check Amazon.

Labels – These labels are so handy. They are colorful and fun. Great for all ages and sizes. This pack also comes with round labels to put on the top of your rollerballs are small samples.

My Favorite Accessories
Diffuser necklace

Diffuser necklace –  I wear mine almost every day. I have had so many compliments on this necklace and it diffuses my essential oil all day. Just 1 drop of Young Living essential oil is all I need. I can change the colors to match my outfit or use each color for a different oil.

carrying case

Essential Oils Carrying Case- I love to take my oils on the go especially when I travel. This case protects my oils from sunlight and keeps them within reach. It also keeps them organized and ready to go if I need to run out the door.

Rollerball carrying caseWe take our essential oils on the go all the time. I also have a small case for each person in my family to store their own rollerballs. This link provides a variety of different options for carrying your oils on the go.

Oil key tool – this is handy for pulling off the orfice on the essential oil bottles or removing rollerball tops.


ORB diffusergreat for in the car and for road trips. I love to freshen up my car and calm the kiddos! This is also great for the office. It plugs right into your computer.

Questions or DIY Ideas?

Contact me at or leave a comment! enJOY!


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