Our Oily Testimony

Pregnant and Traveling


pregnant mom

When I was in my second trimester with our sixth blessing, I traveled down to Florida to visit my sister. On my bed she left me a bottle of peppermint oil. At the time, I knew NOTHING about essential oils except for a couple bottles of grapefruit essential oil I bought on Amazon to make homemade hand soap.

Gold in a bottle…

One of the nights I was there, my neck was really bothering me. In addition to my other pregnancy ailments, I was just beside myself. So she took me into her kitchen, put a couple drops of olive oil in her hand and a drop of Peppermint essential oil. She rubbed it on the back of my neck. My initial thought was, “Really? How is this oil going to help me?”

As I went about my business, about 15 minutes later I stopped. “Wait a minute,” I thought to myself, “My neck isn’t bothering me anymore. You have got to be kidding me.” When I told my sister, her response was, “Yup, it’s crazy but it works.” She had a small collection of essential oils that she had been saving up for and building up her inventory.

The Research…

research When I came home, I did some research on essential oils…lots and lots of research. I found other uses for the Peppermint essential oil she gave me and I applied it as needed. I enjoyed mixing it with lotion for my tired legs…Ahhhhh! I inhaled the Peppermint oil to help ease my nausea (yes, I still had bad nausea right up into the third trimester). I was IN LOVE. I remember sending my sister multiple text messages thanking her for giving me that “gold in a bottle.”

Helping a Friend

About a month later, I met with a friend who asked for guidance on  gluten-free recipes and homeschooling. She used YL Essential oils and had quite a collection. She diffused at my house one day and…well…I was IN LOVE. My friend let me try Valor essential oil which was wonderful and Peace and Calming essential oil which I used to promote calmness in our bustling house before bed. I was more IN LOVE.

The Decision

After much research and some hands-on experience with essential oils, I knew I wanted to start using YL essential oils. I started saving money and putting the bug in my hubby’s earJoy-in my heart that I wanted to have an essential oils set as a baby gift (hint! hint!). I had my heart set on getting JOY essential oil to help lift me up on those rough postpartum days. He surprised me (what a romantic!) and bought me the kit before our little blessing was born. Boy was I surprised and oh so HAPPY! Little did I know the abundance of blessings that would come out of that box! The Premium Starter Kit was worth every penny. I thought it was a sweet deal.

More Research…

After I received my kit, I continued to do more research on essential oils. I purchased Gentle Baby essential oil for my last months of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum for me and the baby. I put together an essential oil cheat sheet for my labor and delivery. I also invested in the “Gentle Babies” book by Debra Raybern to help me assess what would be “safe” to use during pregnancy, postpartum, nursing, and for my babies and children. I used an essential oils reference handbook to identify what benefits I was looking for and how to use the oils safely. I was on my way to a wonderful labor. baby feet

Here She Is…

My labor experience was like none I had experienced in my previous 5 deliveries. I will honestly tell you that I am so grateful I had my essential oils. My husband followed my cheat sheet directions and used the oils where I needed them and when I needed them.

valor Valor essential oil helped me through transition. We diffused Lavender essential oil in the labor room. My midwife said “Wow, what is that stuff you are diffusing? It is so relaxing. I just want to sit in here and…ahhh.” After a last inhale of lavender on a warm wash cloth, our little angel was born..Healthy, happy, and…well quickly!

We diffused lavender in our room in the hospital. My postpartum nurse would make extra visits into my room so she could enjoy some relaxing lavender. I felt so relaxed and ready to face the upcoming months of postpartum. Six months later, equip with my JOY essential oil, I faced each day with a bit of JOY and smiles!!!

Our Daily Oily Family

My family and I enjoy the benefits of essential oils on a daily basis. My children ask me “Do you have an oil for…?” Right down to my 3-year old who leads me to the pantry and asks me for the bottle to help soothe mosquito bites.




We diffuse essential oils during our homeschool day. A few favorites are Citrus Fresh and Lavender.



We use Peace and Calming essential oil to help calm the kids down before bed. The kids enjoy gathering around and getting their feet rubbed with soothing, calming essential oil. I use it every night before bed and I have been blessed with improved sleep even when I only get in a few hours!


Pure Joy
Happy Mama, Happy Family!


In our experience, we have found using essential oils has helped with creating a calming atmosphere for our homeschool day (Happy Dance!). Diffusing ENER-G essential oil for 10 minutes during my morning routine (if I even have 10 minutes to get ready…) gives me my daily boost without the caffeine. StressAway has helped me relax by inhaling or I use it to massage the tension out of my shoulders.



We also enjoy the benefits of immune boosting essential oils with Theives. I rub this on the bottom of my feet every night. For the kids, I dilute it and use it as needed. We diffuse it in the home for immune boosting in the air.

More To Come!

I am excited to expand my essential oil uses to include sugar/salt scrubs, night cream, lotion, body wash, and hopefully lip balm. As I experiment with these DIY projects, I will post recipes as I complete them and get the thumbs up from my family.

Ready to Start Your Oily Experience? Get Started…

I have many testimonies of the benefits of using Young Living essential oils. I love using them and my family and I feel good using them. A little goes a long way. You can enjoy the benefits of Young Living essential oils in your family.  If you are interested in using essential oils you can sign up for my FREE E-course: Achieving Abundant Health and Wellness with Essential Oils Course. To learn more about the course click HERE

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Learning about diffusing and some great diffusing recipes!



Questions? Contact me at joyfullinspirations@gmail.com

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