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DIY Body Wash in 3 Minutes!

I did it! My FIRST video. My friend in Germany asked me to show her how to make homemade body wash. Even though I told her it was super EASY and I had a recipe on my blog, it wasn’t enough. She didn’t believe me. She wanted to SEE it. So to help her and many others who like to “watch” how things are made (like me), I created this video. In just 3 minutes, I show you just how EASY it is to make your own moisturizing body wash.  The best part is that it is budget-friendly, made with only five simple ingredients that you can pronounce, and it has the added wellness benefits of essential oils! enJOY!

Lemongrass Ginger Invigorating Body Wash Recipe

Tools and Tips

Here is a list of everything I feature in the video and where you can find it. Save money and feel good about what you are using on your body. Everything is just a click away! enJOY:

piggy bank

I like to keep all my DIY supplies in a plastic storage box so I can keep everything together in one spot. It helps cut down time and I have everything handy and ready to use.

Amazing Essential Oils

body wash video

Each day I continue to use essential oils I am more and more amazed by these bottles of goodness! See why my family and I choose Young Living essential oils by reading our oily testimony and essential oils section. Essential oils are so easy to incorporate into your daily routine and the benefits are bountiful.

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