J.O.Y. Strategy Sessions

J.O.Y. Strategy sessions are rooted in a Christ-centered approach to achieving mental strength, emotional balance, and physical vitality. Our three-layered essential oil enhanced sessions include biblical principles for healing, servitude, and self care to optimize productivity, wellness, and resilience. We strive to meet people where they are, provide a safe space for open and honest communication, and provide intentional, individualized support centered on identifying the root cause of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances.

We listen. We empathize. We support.

Is This the Right Fit For Me?

If you interested in:
-Optimizing your time
-Improving your general outlook on life
-Kicking bad habits
-Improving confidence
-Targeted support for physical discomforts
-Making healthy choices
-Improving physical well-being
-Achieving goals
-Avoiding burnout
-Boosting your workout and recovery
-Improving focus, sleep quality, and energy
-Relief from seasonal irritants
-Having more control over your health
-Stress management and recovery
-Improving your mood
-Boosting your immune system
-Making positive choices
-Overcoming mental barriers
-Becoming more resilient
– Life balance
-Transforming your mindset
-Feeling good and Choosing JOY,
then this is the right fit for you. Our certified clinical aromatherapist will provide you with customized aromatherapy care, detailed plans with targeted support, and encouragement with accountability to help you achieve your personal and wellness goals.

What Can I Expect During My Session?

You will meet with our J.O.Y. Strategist who will review your intake form. You will have time to talk, ask questions, and have a detailed discussion about your purpose for your visit and the desired intention for your sessions. Your willingness to be open and honest is key to a fruitful session. Our strategist is skilled in communication and she will help you feel comfortable and safe.

As part of your initial visit, our strategist will develop a comprehensive J.O.Y. Target Plan with you. Your target plan will include a core focus for improvement, S.M.A.R.T. goals, JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself) evaluation, and course of action. Essential oil therapy recommendations will be customized based on the JOY Target Plan.

For an additional fee, our strategist (also a clinical certified aromatherapist) will provide you with a custom made product based on your wellness goals. She will take a day to formulate your blend based on her observations and experience with you during the consultation. A custom blend can range from $15-$40 depending on the essential oils, herbal infusions, and carrier oils used in the blend. You will also receive a description of what is included in your customized formulation, and how and when to use the aromatherapy blend. You will also receive a recommendation for follow-up.

I needed support for my kidneys and I wanted try an a natural alternative. So I reached out to Letticia to see if there were any options for essential oils. I thought I would try it and it helped me so much. ~Gloria

Do You Provide Services For People Out Of Town?

Yes. We serve clients in Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Germany, California, Guatemala, and more. We support clients with phone consultations, text, as well as face to face using Zoom video chat. We also use Voxer, Marco Polo, and text for accountability check-ins.

Is This Something I Have To Continue Long Term?

Our goal is to empower you with natural, effective, and affordable options for daily self-care. Some individuals may only need 2-3 visits while others may find benefit from several visits or ongoing support and accountability.


Initial intake, strategy, and aromatherapy session | 75 minutes | $200 (includes J.O.Y. Target Plan for one wellness goal).
Additional Sessions | 45 minutes | $74
Check-in Accountability Sessions | 20 minutes | $39
Text or similar platform for short accountability check-in |10 min | $19

Romans 12:2 Package Option:
8-week program: | $565 | includes initial intake and strategy session with aromatherapy, three 45-min sessions, and four 20-min accountability sessions.
Pricing does not include the price of customized essential oil products ($15-$45) or processing fee.

Accelerated Romans 12:2 Package Option:
4-week program: | $350 | includes initial intake and strategy session with aromatherapy, one 45-min session, and two 20-min accountability sessions.
Pricing does not include the price of customized essential oil products ($15-$45) or processing fee.

Jumpstart J.O.Y. Strategy Plan
Productivity and wellness jumpstart: | $100 | includes short intake via email, one 30-minute S.M.A.R.T. goal session, essential oil recommendations, safe application, and one text check-in. (does not include the price of a customized essential oil blend product of $15-$40).

Build Your Own Package:
We can customize a J.O.Y. Strategy package that fits your individual needs. We will start with the initial intake session and add on as needed. We will also reference a relevant Bible verse as a title for your program.


PayPal at least 24 hours PRIOR to scheduled session.
***Prices are subject to change depending of availability and cost of products.

How Do I Schedule A Session?

To schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with Dr. Callies, our J.O.Y. Strategist and certified clinical aromatherapist, contact us at drletticiacallies@gmail.com and write SCHEDULE SESSION in the subject line. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.
Please note: Due to the amount of time and quality care Dr. Callies dedicates to each client, she is only able to accommodate a small number of clients at one time. If she is at maximum capacity, you will be notified and put on the waiting list for the next available opening. We appreciate your patience.

Cancellation Policy

In respect for our intention to provide affordable care and support, we ask for 24 hours notice in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule a consultation. All consultations that are rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24-hour advance notice will be charged a fee equal to 50% of the full consultation value. Thank you for your understanding.


We are not a medical provider or licensed counselor. We do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication. We encourage our clients to do their own research and evaluate implementation of any recommended natural care options.

Meet Your Practitioner

Dr. Letticia Callies, DMin, MA, CCA

Letticia, also known as Dr. Joy, is passionate about helping people utilize their God-given gifts and opportunities by living with intention and purpose. She recognizes how our mindset can either hinder or propel progress. She combines her doctorate in ministry in Christian Counseling psychology, her certification in clinical aromatherapy, and her years of experience working in professional and personal development to create individualized J.O.Y. strategy plans that incorporate spiritual growth in Christ, essential oils, and lifestyle changes to help people live out their joyful purpose. Her strong communication skills, loyalty, empathetic nature, and joyful demeanor serve as an avenue for building trust and openness with her clients. Letticia is a wife to her best friend for over 20 years, mom of six, and homeschool educator. She enjoys spending time with her family, sampling exotic teas, worshiping through the art of dance, hand lettering Bible verses and inspirational messages, and creating new recipes in the kitchen.