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We believe sharing testimonials can help support others on their journeys to abundant health. We know it takes time, dedication, and commitment to prioritize your health and we want to encourage you along the way. Be inspired by the testimonies of some of our clients and members, charities, practitioners and our Hello Freedom Team.


Since joining Young Living over one year ago with the support of Letticia, I have had an incredible experience in so many ways. In regards to our health, have been able to save throughout the year on Pediatrician co-pays.  It has created an environment free of toxins which has led to better skin and overall health with reducing allergies to chemicals. Lastly, it has allowed us to help others in learning how wonderful oils can be in creating healthier alternatives. This guidance, support and education provided by Letticia along with her loving and supportive nature has made the products and process even that more enjoyable to learn about.
~Melissa – MarcJaiden Foundation Owner 

Members and Clients

I’ve always loved filling my home with fragrance.  Almost daily, I would come home after work and light a candle for aroma.  But then I became a mom.  Two things happened.  First of all being pregnant heightened my sense of smell and I suddenly couldn’t handle the smell of any of my candles or wearing a fragrance of any kind.  Even lotions made me nauseous.  After my babies were born, that sensitivity to, and dislike of fragrances stayed with me.  The second mom thing that happened was an awareness of what my babies were being exposed to.

In my search for wellness, I discovered Young Living Oils.  It was such a joy to open the box when my kit arrived and inhale the beautiful aromas the oils provided.  They have never affected me the way synthetic fragrances do.  Our home is now filled with the lovely aroma of Young Living being diffused as well as worn.  

Letticia has been a wonderful resource in this journey of figuring out how to use the oils.  She has been a blessing to our family. ~Ginny

I am so thankful for Letticia’s support and knowledge about essential oils! We love peppermint for seasonal allergies, respiratory support, and occasional headaches. Thieves has also been amazing for helping us stay healthy through the winter. ~Kristy

Young Living Essential Oils have become an every day part of my life. I started using YL EO in search of natural remedies to everyday ailments, aches and discomforts. This helped especially when my daughter was born because I wanted to keep her surroundings free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.  Letticia has been such an instrumental resource in helping us figure out what oils can help, along with how to use them. Our family now uses essential oils to cook, clean, and help improve our health.  We are blown away by the positive effects and when Letticia says, “There’s an oil for that,” she is absolutely right! ;).  ~Anna R.

Young living oils are a regular part of my family’s life. Our go-to oils are lavender and thieves for skin and immune support. I also try to throw in a good emotional support oil too like Joy or a citrus oil. Letticia is an amazing support and great resource for all things oil and clean living. ~Allison, Norwex

One of the goals on my path to healthy living was to get the toxins out of my house and body. I am grateful that I met Letticia. She introduced me to the world of essential oils. The vast knowledge of the oils and their uses that she shares with me has been of great value. I now use Young Living essential oils everyday in my household and personal care products. I have tried other brands of oils, but none compare to the quality of Young Living. ~Nancy J.

Letticia introduced me to oils when I didn’t even know I needed them! Now, I don’t know how I lived without them. So I had to travel to Dallas for work. When I got back, everyone was under the weather. I immediately used an oil recipe that supported my body and I didn’t catch their cold AND it worked. I used the diffuser and an oil recipe for respiratory support so my boys could get better AND they did! ~Melissa D.

Letticia is committed to her clients and truly cares about their total well being. One afternoon while visiting her and her kids, she noticed my wrist brace. I often wore one for what I suspected was the start of carpel tunnel. The next day one of her littles delivered to my front door (we were neighbors at the time) an essential oil mixture that she made to help relieve my wrist discomfort and although skeptical, I was amazed at the relief I felt. I admire Letticia for all she accomplishes with such a JOYFUL heart and a deep love for others. This world needs more like her. 
~Becky – ReMax – Relocate to Rochester


For over 30 years I have been a health and wellness professional in the Rochester area.  Over that time I have had the pleasure of collaboration with many skilled, allied health professional as part of our patients’ care programs.  Letticia Callies, and the Young Living essentials oils, has offered excellent support for healing and wellness for many we serve.  In addition to offering an excellent and effective health product, Ms. Callies also has provided our practice with a variety of health lectures, receiving rave reviews from our patients.  Her insights and encouragement have helped many work more successfully toward achieving their health goals.  I look forward to continuing our relationship with Letticia for the benefit of our practice members.  Her heart shows her true love and devotion to others. For community lifelong health and wellness, Dr. Boyd Williams
Family Wellness Center

I am so greatful for Letticia bringing Young Living Valor into my life. Being in front of people, or large gatherings always makes me so uncomfortable, and she had me use it during a large expo we both attended. I felt so at ease, and it just gave me that extra confidence I needed. Letticia is such an inspiration in sharing her knowledge and love of essential oils. I am so blessed to have her as a leader in making our health a priority.
~Jess – Health Coach and Hello Freedom Team

Hello Freedom Team

I first began using Young Living essential oils spring of 2018 after meeting with Letticia and her sharing them with me. A few weeks after, I needed support for my kidneys and I wanted try an a natural alternative. So I reached out to Letticia to see if there were any oils that would support my kidneys and she recommended Young Living Juniper and Frankincense, 3 x’s a day, diluted in a roll-on over my kidneys. I thought I would try it. I never needed additional intervention! Our family now looks to Young Living essential oils and their usage for supportive care. I have many stories of how they have helped me and friends! I am not sure how I went for so many years without knowing about how Young Living essential oils could help us! ~Gloria