Gluten-Free No Boil Creamy Lentil Pasta Bake

No Boil lentil pasta bake


I remember a few years ago when I was new to gluten-free, I put some brown rice pasta to boil. When I came back to drain the pasta, it was gone! What in the world happened to my pasta? All I had left was a pot of cloudy water and some small floating clumps. Uh…he he…dinner is served?!?!?!?  Opps…I learned the hard way! I didn’t realize that gluten-free pasta is pretty finicky. Too much cooking and it turns to mush or it completely disintegrates!

One of the things I miss since going gluten-free is being able to bake pasta without boiling it. One day when I was pressed for time, I thought I would try to make a quick pasta bake without boiling the noodles (What did I have to loose? Cloudy water with clumps?). I was intrigued by lentil pasta so I figured why not give it a shot?

To my surprise, this no boil pasta recipe turned out FANTASTIC! This has been voted a family favorite. My family LOVED this dish so much we had no leftovers. That made me happy because lentil pasta is pretty healthy.  It is a good source of iron, it is packed with vitamins and minerals, it lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, and it packs a whopping 21 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber per serving!!! (Learn more about lentil pasta here-not an affiliate link) Move over brown rice pasta…

I really like this dish because it is quick, easy, and tasty. It has everything you need in one dish including iron rich spinach and lycopene rich tomatoes. Don’t be alarmed by the cottage cheese. It bakes into a creamy, flavorful goodness that brings the dish together. The pasta isn’t mushy, and the spinach, cheeses and tomato sauce merry well together. I like to use a meat based spaghetti sauce for this dish with sautéed onions, fresh garlic and ground beef. But skip the meat and you’ve got a vitamin packed, tasty vegetarian dish.  enJOY!

GF No Boil Creamy Lentil Pasta Bake

11 thoughts on “Gluten-Free No Boil Creamy Lentil Pasta Bake”

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  2. Oh, and do you have a favorite? Is Green Lentil Rotini your favorite and have you tried other brands? Do you like it boiled (rather than no bake) too? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just really excited about a pasta my daughter might be able to eat. 😀


    1. Our family likes both green and red rotini and penne. Both have worked well. I have made it boiled and it is good. I think the bean flavor is less potent with the no bake. I was so excited that this worked for no bake. I was really rolling the dice. No worries on questions! I am glad to help. I know it must be so exciting to have some new options. I hope she likes it! This is on my menu for next week! Yum. Blessings.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Where do you find this pasta? Do you buy it on amazon? I haven’t seen this at the good food store. They do have a black bean pasta. Have you ever tried the brand they sell there? I’m super excited to try this. My daughter can’t do the rice pasta but may be able to do lentil. She handles beans just fine. 🙂


    1. Hi!! I buy the pasta from Costo. Three boxes in a pack that includes both green and red lentil. I am not sure if Amazon has it, but Amazon has everything…right? I have tried black bean pasta. We have replaced our rice spaghetti pasta with the black bean one most of the time. It is super high in fiber, around 25 grams per serving! Let me know how it comes out for you!


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