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JOYFull Homeschool Planning Mayhem…

joyfull homeschool planning

MomSchooling Moments:
Uncovering the JOYs of Homeschooling a Large Family

I am right in the middle of my homeschool planning mayhem (yes, this is actually one of my planning pages…). I have busted brain cells trying to figure out the best way to school five children with a crawling one-year old baby. I have pads of papers with plans, curriculum ideas, stuff that worked last year, stuff that didn’t work last year, what I will use again and wha I will not use again, things crossed out, things circled, boxes of books, and so much more. I have independent learners and teacher-intensive learners and everything in between. I have excited learners and not so excited learners. I have book learners and computer learners. But ultimately, no matter what, God is the Head Master of our school so it is to Him I bend a knee asking for wisdom for making this year a wonderful school year.


So in the midst of the brain busting homeschool planning, God knew I needed to just relax and let go. So my friend Betty Jo at Still Learning Something New sent out a “Homeschool Humor” post that made me laugh. I love getting a dose of timely homeschooling humor. Thanks Betty! Seems your humor comes just at the right time!

Homeschool Wisdom Prayer:

“Dear Lord, make me vessel of your love. Help me to show love to the children you have entrusted to me. Give me wisdom to choose curriculum and plan schedules that will strengthen and challenge each child. Give me strength and wisdom to encourage my children and raise them up to be leaders and strong followers of Christ. May as I choose curriculum, plan our activities, plan our year, and plan our time together so it will be low stress and rewarding to me and our family. In Jesus Name, AMEN.”

JOYFull Mom

P.S. Stay tuned for my “JOYFull Homeschooling System” and see how I make it work year after year. After all, this brain busting session deserves a post, right?

12 thoughts on “JOYFull Homeschool Planning Mayhem…”

  1. We also have 5 kids. We’re just starting the homeschool journey though. It’s great to find others who are further in the journey and glean from them. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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    1. What a wonderful decision to homeschool your 5 children! It is truly a blessing. It is a hard journey but the time invested is so worth it. Even on my hardest days I am so thankful to have my children home with me. I took the step and never looked back! May you find joy and many blessings as you invest your time and love into your children daily. Thank you for sharing some time with me. Blessings.


    1. I totally understand. It is hard to find that “perfect” balance 😉 I spend lots of time in prayer! Praying your planning goes well. Thank you for sharing some time with me. Blessings.


  2. Hey beautiful momma! I am happy to finally read this post… although I am falling behind on some of your older ones. Summer gets so crazy. I too will be homeschool planning for next year too. I had planned to do it on our “staycation” this week but our “to do list” was too long and our “fun list” was longer. So I’ll plan it sometime this August. ha! Thank you for the reminder of who is in control. I think at the beginning of the year I have grand expectations of just how perfect the year is going to go and then by the end I realize our best days are when I relax and let go of control. I too have two entirely different children with separate learning styles (and that’s only two). You are an awesome mom! Keep up the good work and keep fixing your eyes on Him and reminding me to do the same. 😉

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    1. I agree 100% with relaxing and letting go of control. Things go better. I just have to constantly remind myself of that because I wake up each day with high expectations. Thank you for the uplifting comment. I appreciate it so much. Blessings on your homeschool planning!


    1. I am hoping to finish my planning within the next couple days. 🙂 The crazy planning will come to a close. I am looking forward to the upcoming year. We have a few new things to try out. May God’s blessing be poured out over your planning and school year.

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