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Toddler Tantrum

After a 20-minute battle of constant crying and temper tantrums from my 2-year old, I was out of ideas to calm her down. You would think that after raising five kids through this phase, I would have a treasure box full of gems to solve any problem, right? Well, six times in I will be the first to admit that sometimes my box of treasures needs a refill!
Then I remembered her favorite essential oil is Gentle Baby. I put a dab on my finger and put it on the back of her neck. Then I swirled the open bottle under her nose in between her huffs and puffs. Then, I put her in her room and said “When you are all done, come say sorry to mom.” She continued to throw things at the door for about a couple minutes then it was quiet. You know when things get quiet, you go check what is going on…right?
So, I ran up the stairs and barreled into her room. Do you know what I found? She had put on her noise machine, climbed into her pack-n-play, and fell asleep!!!! Oh, sweet relief. Now why didn’t I think of that 20 minutes earlier? “Of course,” I thought to myself, “Gentle Baby has been her oil since she was born and this worked like a charm.”
stress away
The funny thing is even though I use essential oils every day and they are a part of our daily routine as a family, sometimes in the heat of the moment I forget how beneficial my essential oils can be to help diffuse anger and frustration. When I use my essential oils in the heat of the moment, it not only causes me to take a step away from the heat to get the relevant essential oil, but it helps my children identify and deal with their emotions on a deeper level when I use it for them. I also help myself  by inhaling stress away essential oil to help cut off the cortisol release in my body from the stress that comes in the heat of the moment. Using essential oils doesn’t take the place of discipline or instruction, but it sure makes things a bit easier. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Young Living essential oils
As an certified aromatherapist, I focus not only on the issue on hand, but I also work on peeling away around the issue to get to the root cause. I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level and sharing the benefits of full body support and wellness naturally. I provide FREE consultations to all my members to help support them on their wellness journey and resources to learn and grow in their knowledge and use of Young Living essential oils.
For my sixth little blessing, I have been Gentle Baby for her since she was weeks old. She inspired me to create this recipe to support her and others. To this day I still spray this on her bed:

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