DIY GF Flour Blends

Gluten-Free flour is a bit tricky. You have to have the right ratio of starch to flour to get the right texture for baked goods. The pre-made blends at the store just didn’t meet our needs in taste or price and they were really high in starch.
After mixing my own blends over the years, I finally came up with a few blends that my family and I really enJOY. These are quick and easy to mix and you can save yourself a pretty penny. I make big batches of these blends and keep them on hand for whenever I need to use flour. enJOY!

All-Purpose Flour Blend – I use this blend anytime I need all purpose flour. This blend has a mix of grains that is mild enough to use for thickening sauces and hearty enough for fresh baked bread.

Millet-Flax Flour Blend – I use this blend for my millet-flax bread recipes, pancakes, cookies, quick breads, and other baked goodies. This mix gives baked goods a buttery, moist texture thanks to the millet flour.

Protein Flour Blend – This is my go-to blend when I want to add a little extra protein to my baked goods. This blend has added protein and vitamins found in almond flour. I love this blend in pancakes, waffles, muffins, cookies, and other non-yeast based recipes.