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Houdini Crayons

MOMSchooling Moments:
Uncovering the JOYs of Homeschooling A Large Family

It was the end of the homeschool day and all the books and school supplies were put away. The chaos of the first half of the day was over and the second half was just beginning. “Breathe…you can do this!” I geared myself up for the constant reminders of “Did you practice piano?” “Do you have your stuff ready for church tonight” “Have you finished your chores?”….and multiply that times 5 kids and a crying baby.  “Breathe…you got this. I can do all things through Christ who strengthen’s me.”


The end of the day rolled around. Whew! After a long day the kids finally settled down for the night…or so I thought. While I was taking care of my 7 month old, I heard little pitter patters in the stair well. I made my way up the stairs and guess what I found? Evidently, my 3-year old was working on some homework. My little Picasso scribbled ALL THE WAY UP the stairwell with black crayon while amazingly managing to draw at an angle all the way up! There was more black crayon than paint. Have you ever had one (or 100) of these wonderful Homeschool Art Projects on your walls?


I could not help but think…”Where in the world did he find this crayon?” No matter how hard I try to keep those lovely little colorful pieces of waxy goodness packed away from little hands, those Houdini Crayons (and markers) always seem to find a way out. I could pack them in a lock box with 20 high security locks, wrap it in bubble wrap and duck tape, and send them halfway across the world and they would still make it back to my house, into little hands to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece on the wall, floor, kitchen cabinets, doors, or any open canvas.

Was I upset? Absolutely! (I think I should have called in for an emergency Chiropractic adjustment because my head was about to spin off.) But when I stepped back from the heat of the moment, I had to chuckle. After all, it was kinda cute to see him standing there admiring what he thought was a great creation. I guess I just have to start appreciating these moments because they help me grow. That is the kind of homeschooling mom I want to be…not perfect, but willing to be molded in my Potter’s Hands.

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

13 thoughts on “Houdini Crayons”

  1. Uh oh. Son1 repeatedly wrote and drew on our walls at a much older age than 3, even though he knew better. Thankfully he has stopped now, but we still have some of his doodles that didn’t wash off


  2. It is sure a BIG challenge to have many kids! You’re a patient mom & find things amusing though it’s irritating. Children are smart. Once they see where it stored they will find a way to get it. I have seen it with my boy.


  3. Wow! That would indeed be difficult to handle. It is interesting how the house can be filled with toys but they manage to find the things we purposely lock up. Hang in there! Be blessed.


  4. I only had one of my four kids color on my walls, but the real challenge came with another child who went through a fascination with scissors. No matter where I hid all the scissors in the house, he’d managed to find one and cut all sorts of items when no one was looking. He actually cut through a lamp cord!

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