Tango Taco Boats

taco boats

A few years ago, I made the choice to eat a gluten-free diet. Within weeks I began to see a significant increase in my energy level (which I need a lot of to keep up with 6 kiddos), improvement in my digestive system, and I just felt good overall. I was only 9 weeks postpartum and I felt better after having my fifth baby than I did after having my first, second, third, and fourth! I was so happy I never turned back.

My decision to eat gluten-free stems from my risk of developing Type II diabetes. In an attempt to ward off diabetes, I work hard to exercise daily, limit stress, and keep my simple carbohydrates at a minimum. Instead of replacing wheat breads and simple carbohydrates with gluten-free versions, I try to cut them out or significantly reduce the amount I eat. I had to start thinking “outside the box.” I started replacing some carbs with a healthier option. One of my favorite replacements is good old romaine lettuce.

In this dish, we ditch the corn for something greener. For our  family night, sometimes we skip the taco shells and eat taco boats. My kids love it. I don’t miss the taco shells with these Tango Taco Boats. The filling is hearty and a tad bit spicy so I welcome the cool, refreshing crunch of the romaine lettuce. They are fun to fill and healthy to eat. I like to fill them and fold them over like a soft shell taco. Make sure you have a few napkins handy! enJOY!

Tango Taco Boats

6 thoughts on “Tango Taco Boats”

  1. These tacos look good! We do taco salad night every Saturday. My husband cooks (so I get a break) and he gets the organic corn chips he loves. I eat it on top of a big bowl of lettuce. I love it because it works for everyone’s diet (and by diet I mean all our different food restrictions… I’m not on a diet. ha!) Thanks for sharing!


    1. What a great idea to have a night off from cooking! What a blessing! We usually do our “fun” meals on our Friday family nights, so I kind of get a day off…:) We aren’t on a diet either… ;)…lol. Blessings.


      1. haha, yep, I know you aren’t on a diet. Although cutting sugar and gluten can have really wonderful results on the waistline. I just know that sometimes when I write “our diet” people think we are trying to lose weight or something. 😉

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        1. Yep…I agree. “Diet” is often associated with weight loss! You have a great “diet” and it is evident that you take care of yourself and your family. Good job 🙂


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