bye bye wheat

Hello Friends! I have launched a new section on my website:

(GF)2: Gluten-Free, Good Food

I have many friends and family members who have made the choice to live a gluten-free lifestyle. The results are amazing!

But sadly, one request I often receive is a cry for HELP. Many have asked for advise, assistance, and support on how to go about living a gluten-free a lifestyle. So, based on my experience and all the obstacles I faced, I put together some tips, websites, and budget friendly ideas for a successful lifestyle change. My hope is to make the transition a little easier for anyone seeking to make a positive change.

healthy eating

I always remind my family that a gluten-free lifestyle isn’t necessarily healthy. We have to make the healthy choices within the gluten-free parameters. So if we didn’t eat Oreos before we went gluten-free, then the gluten-free version doesn’t make it a healthy choice.  We focus on eating more vegetables, fruits and proteins and less packaged foods, flours, processed sugars and carbohydrates. It is one step closer to better health and wellness!

Let’s Talk

What lifestyle changes have you made to improve your health and wellness?

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