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INSANITY=Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. *********************************************************************** I know how it feels to be stressed, overworked, tired, and overwhelmed. I know how it feels to not have periods of rest and rejuvenation. I know how it feels to have dreams that are put on the back burner waiting for the… Continue reading INSANITY re-MOVED


If Mom Got a Paycheck

Dedicated to all the moms out there. Always remember how truly amazing you really are. You have a special gift and opportunity to touch lives in a way that only a mother can. Happy Mother’s Day!

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If Mom Got a Paycheck

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Galations 6:9

Just a little something the Lord put on my heart this week during my prayer time…

If Mom Got a Paycheck
Tisha (JOYFull Mom)

If Mom got a paycheck,
How much would it be?
For all the hats she wears
In our big, homeschooling family.

A check for the conflict manager,
the judge, or perhaps the referee.
For the daily spats and battles she mitigates
As she tries to be slow to get angry.

A check for the homeopathic nurse,
with essential oils and remedies on hand.
Caring for bruises, bumps, and sickies,
or and a night shift nurse on demand.

A check for the chef and baker
Doing research and creating new things.
Gluten-free, all natural and tasty

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Essential Oils


...Our Newest addition... 3-Minute Tidbits with Tisha. These videos are short and to-the-point and provide you with information to help you maximize the benefits of your Young Living essential oils and products.  There are no frills or fancy editing. This is the real deal, real time, transparent, honest, right where I am...videos.  I have been… Continue reading Introducing…

Food for the Soul

Holy Spirit WHOOSH!

This morning during my Miracle Morning time, I began my morning with silence as I always do (SO AWESOME!). But this morning was different. As I sat there, the words of a song came boldly in my heart. I started speaking the words of this song and felt moved to worship. So I searched for… Continue reading Holy Spirit WHOOSH!

Food for the Soul

Women, RISE UP!

It is dark outside. The house is quiet and still (and still clean--maybe!). My alarm goes off across the room. It is 5 a.m.! I have the choice to spring up out of bed, turn off the alarm, and start my day. Or, I can choose to shut off the alarm and climb back into… Continue reading Women, RISE UP!