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A Leap of Faith?

What do you do when God says "jump" and you look down and there is nothing but air? Maybe you get a little sweaty? Maybe you can't breathe? Perhaps your stomach feels a little queasy? Perhaps everything around you looks like a blur? Yup, I know that feeling! When I look back and I can't… Continue reading A Leap of Faith?

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Unshakable Peace

It is crazy to think about my life just one year ago. It seems crazy to grasp the concept of unshakable peace when the world around us is constantly going. I have allowed myself to be consumed by the busyness of the world and just accept it as a way of life. After all, if… Continue reading Unshakable Peace

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Mustard Seed Faith

My family and I are on our first family vacation since my fifth blessing was born over three years ago. My parents gave us a gift at a resort in Northern Michigan. Our family of eight are comfortably enjoying our cozy little space. 🙂 We did our grocery shopping for the week and we are… Continue reading Mustard Seed Faith

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Don’t Wish…

Sometimes, to stay positive we just need to change the way we approach things. Having the right mindset is essential to being successful in reaching your highest potential in whatever you seek to accomplish through Christ Jesus, whether it is a homemaker, teacher, doctor, coach...whatever it is you are called to do. As I was… Continue reading Don’t Wish…

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Miami or Bust…A “God-incidence?”

In November of 2014, I found out I was pregnant with our sixth child. This was a turning point in our family that required us to make some upgrades and changes in our life. We had to bunk three boys into one room, buy a longer dining room table, replace some of the baby gear… Continue reading Miami or Bust…A “God-incidence?”