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Unshakable Peace

It is crazy to think about my life just one year ago. It seems crazy to grasp the concept of unshakable peace when the world around us is constantly going. I have allowed myself to be consumed by the busyness of the world and just accept it as a way of life. After all, if I am not busy, I am not being productive, right? So I thought.

In just the past six months, after I began praying and reading the Prayer of Jabez my life has never been the same. God has been expanding my territory in every aspect of my life propelling me to live outside my comfort zone and trust in HIM on all fronts. It has been an AMAZING ride and I wake up every day excited to see what I will learn and the miracles that will unfold in my life and in the lives of those around me.

One of the territories that has expanded is our homeschool. Earlier this year, I was asked to take on a position in the Classical Conversation (CC) community. I have never been involved in CC so even the idea of doing this was a long shot. But, after I felt the Holy Spirit Tickle, I knew my answer and I never looked back.

the tickle

Since May, I have been training and preparing to be the Challenge A Director for our local Classical Conversation Community. I will be blessed to teach and encourage the seventh graders in our homeschool CC community. With that comes a lot of studying, training, and preparation. I am learning Latin (it is Greek to me), reading literature books, learning all the subject strands, and taking care of all the administrative things associated with this position. In all honestly, a year ago, I would have never even considered doing this nor did I think I had the time. Raising  and homeschooling six children was already a full-time job and seriously outside of my comfort zone!

sunset with flowers

In all honesty, I just can’t even begin to describe the awe I have for God. He has showed me that through Him I can do all things and MORE things. He has showed me that what I try to do in my flesh will only wear me out, but when I rely on HIS strength my days are eventFULL not BUSY. I am more productive, more influential, and more confident.

A year ago, I thought my mission to raise six kids was enough of a task, but when I said “YES” to God and allowed Him to use me, He filled my well to overflowing. I don’t mean with riches, but with blessings beyond words. A skip in my step, a smile on my face, a dose of discernment, passion to seek HIM and serve HIM and UNSHAKABLE PEACE. I surrender it all to Him and I know that however the day flows, He is in control.

This is one of the books that I plan to put on my reading list multiple times a year. This book has great practical steps to achieving unshakable peace as I plan my upcoming school year and all the areas God is expanding in my life. I am just holding on for the ride. If you are a homeschool mom, this is a wonderful book. If you are looking to find balance and peace in your busy life, grab this book and pick up some great ideas. I only wish I had read it sooner, before I started homeschooling. I would have approached my day with a little less stress and more unshakable peace.

I will experience unshakable peace by taking on this day with both hands and trusting that I am right where God wants me to be. Not when all the work is done or my kids are “perfect” or when my house is clean. Unshakable peace is not tied to my success but rather my faithfulness in focusing on living well, loving well, and learning well and gazing on HIM! (modified from Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie)

TODAY I choose JOY! Lord, may I be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. (James 1:19)

beach mom

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What is holding you back from receiving the blessings God has for you? Are you willing to say “YES” to God and allow Him to transform your life?

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