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A Leap of Faith?

What do you do when God says “jump” and you look down and there is nothing but air? Maybe you get a little sweaty? Maybe you can’t breathe? Perhaps your stomach feels a little queasy? Perhaps everything around you looks like a blur? Yup, I know that feeling! When I look back and I can’t believe I did this! Saying “Yes” to something I had NO IDEA about has shown me what amazing things God can do!
This is hard to say in words because I can’t quite express my excitement and you can’t watch my quirky expressions as I speak. But I will do my best to share just how amazing God is when we choose to see His work in our lives.
I’d like to say my life has always had purpose and meaning. I have tried to seek the Lord and work on building a strong relationship with Him. But something happened when I decided to live outside my comfort zone and step out of Christian mediocrity. My relationship with the Lord EXPLODE while I watched miracles unfolding before me every day. I have watched my family’s health transform to the point my husband even talks about it. I have been blessed to meet some amazing people and watch their health and well being improve. But, OH…THERE IS MORE!
In 2017, with my Leap of Faith, I have:
-received testimonies that have brought tears to my eyes
-received donations and support from so many people (Thank You)
-paid for our essential oils and wellness products from Young Living
-blessed others through gifts, giveaways, welcome gifts, etc.
-raised funds for our charities
-watched our business grow to the point that a couple charities received their own paychecks
-raised funds and invested into furthering my education
-had friends and family join me on this wellness journey
-made new friends who are now on this journey with me
-paid for chiropractic care for my six children for the whole year
-became a Classical Conversations homeschool director of the Challenge A class
-and so much more…
To me…this is a miracle! I remember thinking I could never do more than raise my six kiddos and homeschool. I remember putting God in a box and limiting Him to what I thought I could do. But when I had that “WOW” moment where I let go of my flesh and surrendered, my life exploded!
I want to encourage you to take a moment to just imagine what would happen if you took God out of the box and took a leap of FAITH? What are you holding back? Why? I am here to tell you that I am here writing to you because I have seen God do amazing things and I know he can do it in your life too.
prayer with Bible
So I want to share my goals with you because I want to look back at the end of the year and check things off as God unfolds miracle after miracle. I took God out of the box and I refuse to put Him back in there.  I will be fearless and allow God to unleash miracles in my life EVERYDAY!
In 2018, my goals are:
-To work on paying off our house
-Saving funds to upgrade our vehicle so we can comfortably transport our six children (…okay…and I would love a farmer’s sink and new counter tops 😜 )
-Continue to build up our Wellness and Missions project to increase the monthly paychecks our charities receive from the business I am building under them. Every time someone joins our family by investing into their health, you are helping my family and our charities!
-But most importantly, I want to help others achieve financial freedom and wellness! YES, that is right. When you join our family and invest into your health, you also have the opportunity, if you choose, to share the gift of wellness with others. You receive bonuses, commissions, gifts, and support from a wonderful team of people who care. 
What do you want with YOUR financial FREEDOM? Join my team and see what YOU can do when you take a leap of faith! Wellness and financial freedom are yours!

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What would change in your life if you took a leap of faith?





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