A Surprise & 16 Date Night Ideas

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Today my husband and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage 🙂 . We are celebrating six beautiful children, 16 years of Thursday night FUN NITES (that we have not missed in 16 years!), our traveling days, our memories together, and most of all we are celebrating our Savior and King who brought us together over 17 years ago.

coconut chocolate mounds M&D

As a surprise, my son and daughter prepared a special present for us. They made us homemade chocolate covered coconut. My son LOVES making creations in the kitchen. But this time, I was kicked out of the kitchen while they both prepared this amazing goodness. My son used a fresh coconut, cracked it, took the flesh out of the coconut and sautéed  it in butter, coconut sugar, and other secret ingredients. WOW! Thank you so much for the sweet gift! I hope to post his recipe. It was soooooo delicious and I love the fresh taste of coconut. Good job kids!

January calendar

So, to celebrate our 16 years of marriage with you, we want to share 16 Date Night Ideas that we enjoy together when we are celebrating our weekly FUN NITES and growing closer together as a couple. Our hope is that you will take some of these ideas and set aside time to spend quality time with your spouse every week:

  1. Play board games (Old school…no electronics. Boggle is one of our favorites.)
  2. Create a new popcorn recipe to go along with a movie (e.g., chili popcorn)
  3. Watch a “Foodie” show and get inspired to create and cook your own recipe (we came up with cheeseburger spring rolls once and they were delicious!)
  4. Do crossword puzzles or word searches together.
  5. Reminisce about your 10 favorite dates.
  6. Take turns complimenting each other.
  7. Work on a DIY project together (we did this when were remodeling our house).
  8. Swap massages: feet, hands and shoulders are great!
  9. Do a couple’s devotional study together.
  10. Plan an anniversary getaway
  11. Window shop online for things on your dream list.
  12. Eat a candlelight dinner together (even if it is hamburgers and fries!)
  13. Share your hopes and dreams and write them out. Then check them off as they come true!
  14. Create a mix of your favorite love songs and slow dance together.
  15. Get messy in the kitchen and cook a meal together (we do this every week!)
  16. And last but not least….snuggle. Make time to just hold each other without saying a word. Let the love you share be felt in each other’s arms.

Thank you for celebrating our 16th Anniversary with us.

10 thoughts on “A Surprise & 16 Date Night Ideas”

    1. Congratulations on your 11th Anniversary! The world works so hard to ruin marriages, break family unions, and teach children to turn away from God. But when we have strong marriages build upon the foundation of Christ Jesus, they will not falter. May your marriage be covered by His love. Blessings.


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