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Homeschool Encouragement Needed!!!!

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MomSchooling Moments: Uncovering the Joys of Homeschooling a Large Family

Homeschooling is very rewarding, but it also comes with challenges. Many families experience ups and downs as they homeschool their children year after year. As we are settling into our school year, we may have already experienced some really rough days and burn out. I want to encourage you to keep going, stay the course, and continue pouring out your love and wisdom to your children. Step back and take a day off if you have to so you can start fresh and with a new perspective.

I started strong. I started with expectations and hopes. I started with a structured schedule (I have to be structured with 4 boys!). I also knew that I would have to be flexible as we started new programs, new activities, and other things that were new to our family’s schedule. So now, I have to evaluate, adjust and make changes to fit our needs (and my sanity!).

As you take this homeschool journey, know that you are not alone. It is my mission to provide a place for support and encouragement on your journey. You are where you need to be. Find encouragement and inspiration here with testimonies from families who are walking this journey with you. Be inspired. Be encouraged.

Do you want to be a part of my testimonial encouragement page? Please take a brief moment to send your homeschool advice or encouragement to share with other moms on this journey to joyfullinspirations@gmail.com

Please include your initials, number of children, and years of homeschooling! Whether this is your first week or your 20th year, I want to hear from you! We all have something special to share that could encourage someone who is in the same boat right at this moment!

God is faithful. Allow Him to use you to help another homeschooling family.

JOYFull Mom

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Encouragement Needed!!!!”

  1. I pray your day is blessed! I have experienced many rough days and I know how tough it is to get up and keep going. Be encouraged and know you are doing a mighty work in your children. May the Lord bless you with strength and joy for the journey. Blessings.


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