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Holy Spirit WHOOSH!

This morning during my Miracle Morning time, I began my morning with silence as I always do (SO AWESOME!). But this morning was different. As I sat there, the words of a song came boldly in my heart. I started speaking the words of this song and felt moved to worship. So I searched for the song on YouTube and immediately felt the HOLY SPIRIT WOOSH! Have you ever felt that? All I can say is WOW!!!!!! I broke out in a sweat that was nothing like what happens when I exercise…lol. 

Then Jesus returned to Galilee FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT POWER!
Luke 4:14

Yeah…like that! Whoosh! Filled, overflowing, breaking down the walls kind of Whoosh!

Quite honestly, I have some Type A tendencies like structured schedules, filling my schedule with no breathing time, a little OCD…etc. BUT today, I let my schedule go and allowed the HOLY SPIRIT to move. I was so taken back, on my knees, shaking with joy, and feeling God’s peace come over me as I lifted up prayer requests from my notebook. The part that is so powerful for me is that in the midst of trials and warfare…when I felt like I was drowning and wondering when God would send the float for me to grab on to…He sent me something special…something that words cannot begin to describe. He sent me HIS COMFORTER and said, “Keep going. I’ve got your six. In this world you will have troubles, but I send you my peace.”

Bible with heart
If you feel like everything is going wrong or that God doesn’t hear your prayers, TRUST ME, He does. When you allow God to stretch you outside of your comfort zone, you will embrace your trials because you know He is doing a mighty work in YOU! I have grown so much stronger in my faith, in my passion and focus for His glory. You can too. I pray for the Holy Spirt to breakout over your life. For the walls in your life to crumble down In the name of Jesus!
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praise him


6 thoughts on “Holy Spirit WHOOSH!”

  1. Beautiful post. Powerful song of praise. We are never alone in this mortal journey and the future is always bright when we side with our loving Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. ❤️

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  2. I learned so many things from this post. I need to create quite tone and a physical prayer request journal. Also, I love “Spirit Break Out.” Hearing your wonderful experience really encourages me to create more time for God. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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