Essential Oils


…Our Newest addition…

3-Minute Tidbits with Tisha.

These videos are short and to-the-point and provide you with information to help you maximize the benefits of your Young Living essential oils and products.  There are no frills or fancy editing. This is the real deal, real time, transparent, honest, right where I am…videos.  I have been building this video series over the last five months and will continue to add to the collection on a weekly/bi-weekly basis–God willing.

Learn some tips, tricks, and simple-money saving ideas for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Achieve abundant health and wellness one step at a time. You will be amazed at how good you’ll feel in just minutes a day!

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This is how it all started…


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DiGize Spotlight

Peppermint Spotlight

More coming…

Usage and Storage

Storing Your Essential Oils
Every Last Drop
Different Responses 


Free Rewards
3-Fold Benefits (NOTE: this is longer than 3 minutes)

Seasonal Discomforts

LLP Blend Rollerball


Daylight Savings a.k.a. ENERGY

Emotional Support

My Secret Place


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