B3 and Mom’s Nacho Cheese Sauce


When I was pregnant with my first baby, I experienced the JOY of cravings for the very first time. I am talking ravenous, “I want it now, pretty please” cravings. One thing I craved A LOT  was nacho cheese sauce. There was something about that yellow (or is it orange?) cheese that made me smile. But not just any nacho cheese, it had to be just the right cheese. So when I craved nacho cheese, my husband would run out to the movie theater and pick up nachos and cheese with jalapeños to go. (Love you Honey!)

Sometimes I still get those cravings!!! And when I do, I want the real deal without the extras (no offense Veltveeta and Kraft American). Since I am not ready to give up my nacho craving, my son and I came up with this delicious all-natural nacho cheese sauce. When we make this sauce, half of it is gone before we can top our nachos! It is easy to make and you can actually taste the real cheese! Our family loves the flavor and texture. If you like it spicy, add extra cayenne and top with jalapeños. From our family to yours. enJOY!

B3 and Mom’s Nacho Cheese Sauce

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