GF 1-Bowl Chocolatey Cupcakes with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting

GF chocolatey cupcakes

OH YES! It is that time of year when stores are filling their seasonal displays and end isles with red-wrapped heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate, limited time chocolate delights, and candy hearts with stamped “Be Mine” messages. Decorations of red, white, and LOVE all over are bursting at every corner. Displays of LOVE-themed greeting cards are tattered from the many hands that have opened them up only to discover it just wasn’t the right one. New Year’s resolutions for eating healthy are put on hold as waistlines are expanding just looking at the LOVEly displays of decorated, sugar-filled treats just waiting to be purchased for the next office meeting, play date, or upcoming event.  OH YES, it is that time of year. LOVE is in the air.

chocolate hearts

I enjoy baking for a special occasion. It makes it fun, exciting, and an excuse to add a little extra LOVE into the batter! I like experimenting with some of our old gluten favorites and transforming them into a tasty, healthier, gluten-free treat even my pickiest eater will enjoy.

Chocolate cupcakes are a favorite treat for us. I just made a batch of these cupcakes for my 3-year old’s birthday. These gluten-free chocolatey cupcakes are easy to make. With one bowl and about 15 minutes, you will have these baking in the oven.  These are just sweetened enough to bring out the rich flavor of chocolate that marries nicely with the coconut sugar. These are moist and slightly dense with a dose of heart-healthy oats. Many friends and family who come to visit us don’t know these are gluten-free unless I tell them (shhhhh….).

These go well with my creamy cream cheese frosting. My frosting is just sweet enough to bring out the natural tangy, creamy flavor of the cream cheese. Make these for the ones you LOVE. From my family to yours. enJOY!

GF 1-Bowl Chocolatey Cupcakes

Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting








8 thoughts on “GF 1-Bowl Chocolatey Cupcakes with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting”

    1. One year we gave up chocolate as a family for Lent. It was hard yet powerful! Fasting and praying is an amazing way to grow closer to God and see Him move in your life. Happy fasting! We are a gluten-free family. Check out my recipes for other non-sugary options. I am working on building up my recipes. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed!

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    1. Thanks for sharing!!! You know, that is a good idea. I will keep that in mind. I thought about it once for a split second and then dismissed the thought…lol. Never know…


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