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Birthday Week – Our Little Miracle

Birthday week miracleEight weeks out of the year we celebrate birthdays. Each person in our family celebrates a week of birthday fun for his/her birthday. It is a tradition I started 13 years ago when I had no idea what to buy my husband for his birthday. He isn’t much into “stuff” but I knew I could cook up some of his favorite dishes. So instead of celebrating one day for his birthday, I gave him the gift of celebrating his birthday for a week by making all his favorite dinners and a special birthday dessert. Over the years we have built up some budget-friendly, creative ways to make the birthday person feel special for a whole week! (Check out our Birthday Week Tradition).

baby feet

Today marks the end of my 6-year old’s birthday week. We call him our little miracle blessing. Seven years ago when I was pregnant with him we went in for our routine ultrasound. We were in shock when they told us they could not find parts of his heart. We weren’t sure he was going to make it. It was a long journey for us and it was life changing. (Check out our miracle baby story: What if We Had 3?).


oh happy day

As I reflected on my son’s birthday this past week, I was so joyful for the work God had done in my heart seven years ago. Throughout the week I would catch myself gazing at him and smiling when I would see him playing, jumping up and down when he got 100% on his math test, riding his bike, playing basketball for the first time, picking flowers for me, loving on his baby sister, eating his favorite dinners, and enjoying life without a care in the world.  And all I could say was “Thank you Jesus. Thank you for giving me the blessing of this child even when I was not willing to surrender the selfishness in my heart. I could not imagine my life without him. Thank you for our little miracle blessing, Lord.”

I thought about how my son was there for me when he was just 3 months old. I thought about how he comforted me when I drenched the hotel pillows with tears. His smiles and his gentle touch was like God himself was holding me. As my three-month old and I traveled with my husband to his interviews and placement process for a new job in a new state, I was torn apart being away from my other three children. I was also deeply saddened about saying good-bye to our friends, our church family, my job, our baking charity, and the life we built in Michigan. I was also moving even farther away from my family who all lived on the east coast. God knew I would need unsurpassed joy to get me through the lonely and depressing times that accompanied a big move and a new life. He gave me that joy through our little miracle blessing. Little did I know what God was doing when He gave us our sweet boy. God is faithful.

God's hand-baby

I believe all children are a miracle. If we think for a moment about every detail that has to come together, work together, and continue to work together to create a baby, that is a miracle in and of itself. God himself creates every baby in His own image, loves them, and has plans for that child before we are even able to hold them in our arms. What an amazing miracle! Happy Birthday, my Son. You will always be our little miracle baby. I will always remember how God changed me and made me into a new person through you. We love you.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;”  Jeremiah 1:5

YOU are a miracle. God created you, loves you and has plans for your life. When you experience those difficult seasons in your life, believe that God put you on this earth for a purpose. Remain faithful to Him and allow Him to do a mighty work in you.

Let’s Talk

Have you experienced a pivotal time in your life when God reached down and touched your life right when you needed it most? Do you believe God has a purpose for your life? Are you living it?


10 thoughts on “Birthday Week – Our Little Miracle”

  1. Such beautiful story, it amazes me how graceful and kind you are. What you went through…I can’t imagine how tough it must have been, but look at you now! Simply inspiring!

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    1. Thank you so much my friend. Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize the blessings that come with the trials we face. But God is faithful through and through. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I love reading your stories and the things you learn along the way. Blessings.


  2. Hey there! I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award, and I’d like to nominate you! It’s a way for bloggers to discover and support other new bloggers! Do you have around or less than 200 followers on your blog?

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        1. Thank you! Congratulations on your award and for nominating me. I’ll get to it soon. I love your responses especially the reason for naming your blog The Other Johnsons. Thanks for thinking of me. Blessings.

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