Wellness. Charity. Life.

On August 21, 2016 after prayer, a strong prompting in my heart, and a confirming Bible verse to help others (see 1 Peter 4:11), my husband and I decided to do something unique and powerful. We started a family wellness business using Young Living essential oils to provide residual income for different charities. As of today, we have two major charities that receive a monthly residual income of $85-$100 a month just from people ordering natural care products to support their physical and mental health. I incorporate my clinical aromatherapy certification to provide wellness education, targeted support, and encouragement to our members as they transform their lives.

This week I am specifically focusing on supporting our Marc Jaiden charity in our family wellness business. As our business continues to grow, Marc Jaiden receives a larger monthly check through residual income from people supporting their health naturally using Young Living Essential Oils and products. For two years I have been building a structure that incorporates charities right into the thread of my business structure. From now until February 28, 2019 when you begin your wellness journey with a Premium starter kit, you will be placed under Marc Jaiden Project and we will donate an additional $25 per person up to $400 directly to MarcJaiden charity in addition to their residual income. You will not only receive the benefit of supporting a wonderful charity, but you will also be a part of our Oily family.

Thank you for believing in our mission, supporting your health, and supporting our family wellness business. Visit www.myyl.com/ji and click “Enroll with me” to be a part of this amazing opportunity!

Prioritize your health.

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JOYfull Inspirations is NOT a non-profit organization. Your donations are an opportunity to support our family, our mission, and our continued services to the others.

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Blessings and JOY,

Wife, Mom, and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

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