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Who Fills Your Cup?

Who Fills Your Cup
Who Fills Your CupWhen you look at the glass of water to the right, would you say the glass is half empty or half full? When I took psychology in college (YEARS AGO!), I remember learning that the answer to that simple question gave evidence as to whether you are pessimistic (you anticipate undesirable outcomes) or optimistic (you anticipate positive outcomes). If you see the glass as half empty, you are pessimistic.  If you see it as half full, you are optimistic.  But have you considered seeing this glass as completely FULL?

A couple weeks ago during the Sunday sermon, our pastor asked “Who fills your cup?” Would you say your spouse, friends, family members, boss, colleagues, or children fill your cup? When you receive praise from your boss, a compliment from your spouse, good reports about your children, or a promise from a friend you might say these people are filling your cup. You feel great. You feel wonderful. You are on top of the world.

Broken glass
But if your friend betrays you, your spouse speaks unkindly to you, your children lie or speak disrespectfully to you, or your boss tells you are worthless, they are shooting holes right through your cup. And now your cup that was once full is completely empty and broken. You have nothing left to fill you. You feel lifeless, sad, hopeless, and empty.
When I reflected on the question “Who fills my cup?” I realized how much I am driven by positive affirmations from those around me. When I work very hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, only to receive a negative comment at the end of the journey just empties my cup in a millisecond! This can happen daily.


When I was faced with gestational diabetes for the second time with my 5th child, I tried so hard to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. But my cup quickly emptied when my hopes were shot down by the doctors and nurses.

Life is full of trials and triumphs.

Do I have enough in my cup for the journey?

Who fills my cup?

Who fills your cup?

When we allow our cups to be filled by JESUS, who will never leave us or forsake us, then we never have to worry about holes in our cups. It doesn’t mean that we will never face trials. It doesn’t mean we will have a perfect life.

bible in hand
It DOES mean He will fill our cup to overflowing even when the world around us shoot holes right through our cups.

It DOES mean He will give us wisdom and encouragement for the journey through His Holy Bible.

So whether your cup is half full or half empty
it really doesn’t matter, my friend.
For if JESUS is the one who fills your cup,
it will always be FULL to no end.

Make a commitment right now to allow JESUS to fill your cup.”Jesus, please repair the old holes in my cup and fill me with your everlasting love. Make me whole again. I am a new creation through you.”

When you are feeling abandoned, broken down, and the world is drilling holes into your cup, say “Jesus, take my cup and fill it to overflowing. For it is in union with YOU that I am made full.” It won’t be easy at all my friend, but when you start to make a habit of speaking life into your circumstances, God WILL show up!

Jump start your day with my 15-minute prayer punch and start each day with a FULL CUP.

So you also are complete through your union with Christ,
who is the head over every ruler and authority.
Colossians 2:10

Let’s Talk

Who fills your cup? Can you think of a specific time when your cup was filled only to be emptied? Are you willing to commit to JESUS filling your cup on a daily basis?

Share your thoughts!

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