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Health and Hope

What happens when you say YES to God? In 2016, I began a journey that changed my life (My Transformed Life Part I and Part II). In 2017, I was richly blessed to hear testimony after testimony of lives that were changed, transformed, and renewed! So this year, I am putting an official name to… Continue reading Health and Hope

Food for the Soul

Who Fills Your Cup?

When you look at the glass of water to the right, would you say the glass is half empty or half full? When I took psychology in college (YEARS AGO!), I remember learning that the answer to that simple question gave evidence as to whether you are pessimistic (you anticipate undesirable outcomes) or optimistic (you… Continue reading Who Fills Your Cup?

Food for the Soul

Agape Love is Hard Work!

It's Monday afternoon. 6:00 p.m. on the dot. My son frantically runs down the stairs. "What time is it?" He turns the kitchen radio up to full blast and sits down on the stool right next to the radio. "Hi kids! It's Adventures in Odyssey and today's story is about love." He listens intently. The… Continue reading Agape Love is Hard Work!