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How a “YES” Changed My Life

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Have you ever looked back on the decisions you have made and wonder what life would have been like if you went a different path? My husband and I were just reflecting on our past decisions from the day we met to where we are right now. I think life would have been a lot different if we said “NO” and “YES” to certain things. We would not have six kids, my husband would be a doctor, I would have my Ph.D. in Communications, who knows where we would be living, and I honestly don’t think I would be NEARLY as happy as I am today.

A “YES” we both agree was a life-changing decision was introducing Young Living Essential Oils into our lives.  People ask me all the time,  “How do you do it? How do you homeschool, run a business, lead Classical Conversations Challenge A,  support six kids, date my husband weekly, workout…etc. (have I worn you out yet?). My response is “JESUS and OILS!”

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That “YES” provided me with the BEST POSTPARTUM support a mama could ask for! I was anxious about how I was going to care for FIVE kids and a newborn! But I noticed a difference in my moods, my ability to recover from things emotionally and physically, my energy, my productivity, and where do I begin with my family? My kids (and hubby) come to me and ask “Mom, do you have an oil for this?” versus other interventions which is HUGE. That “YES” led to a burning desire to help others improve their health and enJOY life!

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That “YES” has completely changed the way we view “health-care” in our home. We have significantly reduced the toxins in our home and we feel GREAT! For those frugal shoppers, I am happy to say we have saved money and we have been blessed to hear the many testimonies of people who have joined us on this journey!

I am happy to share that the same way I started my journey over three years ago with a Premium Starter Kit is on sale for 10% off until September 18. YOU can say YES too! This starter kit alone provides support to all the systems of the body AND has over 10,000 uses! Watching lives transform is why I do what I do! I would LOVE to support you and help you take baby steps to transform your health and home. I know some of you have been eyeing this for a while! Now is a great time to get started. And don’t worry about knowing what to do with these amazing oils. That is where I come in and help you along the way. I LOVE MY JOB!

I know many of you want to support our mission. When you say “YES” to starting your wellness journey, you are supporting your health, and financially supporting me and my family and our missions as well. That means so much to me! Thank you in advance for beginning your journey with me and for those who are already enjoying the journey!


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2 thoughts on “How a “YES” Changed My Life”

  1. Hi Letticia,
    I feel exhausted just reading what you do/have done!
    Only you can be you! Your husband and children are very blessed to have you. It’s lovely to hear your joy singing out from this post.


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