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My job as a clinical aromatherapist isn’t just about essential oils, but a holistic approach to supporting the body. One thing that caught my eye yesterday was in the FREE Hyvee Seasons magazine.

I noticed the recipes appeal to so many of my clients from busy moms and entrepreneurs to vegans to people with dietary restrictions like gluten-free. This is a FREE resource I can recommend to my clients. Don’t have Hyvee where you live? No problem. You can get your copy HERE.

AND, I LOVE recommending whole foods for healing the body in addition to Young Living essential oils. I believe when we give the body what it needs to heal, the body can do some amazing things. When my 6-year old (4-years old at the time) nearly amputated his thumb, he was under medical care for a year. It was a traumatic experience for our whole family. During the duration of his healing I used Young Living essential oils aromatically and topically, plant-based whole foods, omegas, and supplements recommended by a functional medicine doctor to support his healing. I also used essential oils aromatically to support the emotional health of our family. He recovered exceptionally well both physically and emotionally and it was noted by his surgeon. Don’t underestimate the power of medicinal foods to help promote healing in the body.

Check out this article in the FREE Hyvee Seasons Magazine about using food to help heal the body post surgery and for wound healing. It is like Hippocrates said: “Let thy food be thy medicine.”

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