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From Stressed to Blessed


Wow, what a whirlwind the past year has been. The Prayer of Jabez book I have been continuously reading over and over again during my Miracle Morning and proven to me that when we ask God to increase our territory for His glory, HE WILL!  The mountains and valleys have deepened and strengthened my faith and propelled me be sensitive to listening to the prompting of the Lord.

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In the past five months, our family experienced a couple of difficult incidents that left us emotionally and physically challenged. One incident happened just over two weeks ago and it resulted in my husband and I running to the ER with our 4-year old screaming while I held his severely damaged little thumb. When they took him back for emergency surgery, I stood outside the closed doors and cried and cried in my husband’s arms. My sweet little boy has a pin holding his crushed bones. He sustained multiple breaks including the top bone in his thumb that was crushed. He has severe damage to his growth plate, his nail was removed, and his poor little heart is broken. But in the midst of that, we have seen God’s blessings with a wonderful surgeon, support of friends and family, extra snuggling time (I invited him to sleep with mommy every night until his cast comes off), and the peace of Christ over our family. Despite our stressful and traumatic experience, my health been great (which is unheard of considering my past immune challenges) and my mental and emotional health has been at an all-time high. I find myself bouncing back from difficult situations and emotional draining challenges a lot faster. I hardly get sick and if I do, it is minimal, I don’t loose sleep over endless worry, racing thoughts, or anxiety, and I am able to breathe and let go and let God.

So what did I do to change my life around? How did I go from feeling exhausted, sick, unfocused and unmotivated to I feeling calm, balanced, focused and motivated? People wonder why I am excited to face the day, why I still have energy to enjoy my husband at the end of the day after caring for my six kiddos, and why I have more patience (I can always use more!!) to handle the multiple demands I am dealt on a daily basis: from homeschooling to running a business; from changing diapers to the hormonal changes of a 10-year old girl; from the “young adult” trying to figure out this life to refereeing my boisterous boys on the wrestling mat.


Many of you may feel like you are stuck. You feel tired, worn out, stressed, and overwhelmed. You feel guilty about struggling to enjoy life. You may be asking “There has got to be more to this crazy life.” I know the feeling oh so well which is why I am even more shocked at the 360 transformation in my life. I thought raising six kids and homeschooling was all I was able to handle until I discovered how to go from stressed to blessed. It is really simple and only takes minutes a day! I will be sharing my testimony and the top 10 questions I get asked OFTEN (not including “YOU SAID YOU HAD HOW MANY KIDS?). Join me live on Facebook on Saturday night for FROM BLESSED TO STRESSED

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Psalm 37:4-5

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9 thoughts on “From Stressed to Blessed”

    1. He is doing really well by the grace of God. Emotionally and physically I am pleased with his progress. We have a long journey ahead, but I am a praying mom and I know that God is in control. The damage to his growth plate is the worst part so we are praying his little thumb grows. Thank you for your concern and friendship, Camie. Blessings.

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