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Plant Power Session

Feeling unmotivated? Tired? Worn out? Unleash the health benefits of plants in your daily life.  In Genesis 1, God created plants to help support the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Join me for a power session that will leave you inspired and energized. Walk away with tips for starting your day alert right from bed,… Continue reading Plant Power Session

Food for the Soul, Health and Wellness

Unlock Secrets to Wellness

3-min read

Essential Oils, Food for the Soul, Health and Wellness

Can It Be? My Happy Son…

My 11-year old son has trouble sleeping. He would be up past midnight sometimes frustrated because he could not sleep. And when he did get to sleep, he didn't sleep well. During the day he would be moody, short, and lack motivation. Lack of sleep affects moods, concentration, and overall health. And when he is… Continue reading Can It Be? My Happy Son…