Food for the Soul

Constipated Christians?

"Constipated Christian" is the term Pastor Ryan used in his sermon Sunday morning where we visited his beautiful family in Tomahawk, WI over Labor Day weekend. At first I chuckled at the term because it sounded kind of funny. After all, constipation isn't something people strike up a conversation about, or preach about from the pulpit,… Continue reading Constipated Christians?

Essential Oils

DYI Lemongrass & Ginger Body Wash

I love starting out my day with an invigorating citrus shower with the added benefits of therapeutic essential oils. I tried Caldrea hand soaps and lotions years ago but after I discovered how to make my own soaps and lotions at a fraction of the cost with high quality essential oils, I was moving on… Continue reading DYI Lemongrass & Ginger Body Wash

Essential Oils

“Happy” Body Spray

My 9-year old daughter asked me if I can make her a "happy spray." She wanted a body spray to use in the morning before she was bombarded by four boisterous brothers knocking at her bedroom door. So the two of us put together this combination to bring a peaceful smile to her face (and… Continue reading “Happy” Body Spray