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JOYFull Homeschool “Group” Curriculum and A Couple New Things…

I enjoy teaching certain subjects in a group setting. As long as I keep it short and interesting (with treats handy), I can keep the attention of all my kids in one 15-minute sitting. I have made the mistake of having back to back group subjects (e.g., Bible then Science) and the kids lost interest… Continue reading JOYFull Homeschool “Group” Curriculum and A Couple New Things…

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Our JOYFull Homeschool Schedule 2016-2017

Whew! After an eventFULL summer of catching up with neglected homeschool subjects and homeschool planning, I am ready to close the books and take a couple weeks off before starting school again. I officially finished my planning at 2:30 a.m. Monday morning so aside from some homeschool posts, I'll be giving my brain a break… Continue reading Our JOYFull Homeschool Schedule 2016-2017

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JOYFull Homeschool Planning Mayhem…

MomSchooling Moments: Uncovering the JOYs of Homeschooling a Large Family I am right in the middle of my homeschool planning mayhem (yes, this is actually one of my planning pages...). I have busted brain cells trying to figure out the best way to school five children with a crawling one-year old baby. I have pads… Continue reading JOYFull Homeschool Planning Mayhem…

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What? There is more? and Thank you!

When I started J.O.Y.Full Inspirations in December 2015, the goal was to have a central place to put my gluten-free recipes for friends and family who often asked me for recipes and advice. But the Lord had other plans: For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for… Continue reading What? There is more? and Thank you!

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Three Minutes to Better Health

Are you looking for a QUICK, EASY way to improve your health and wellness? You can be on the road to feeling great in just a few minutes a day!!! How....? Well, let me start by saying I am a changed woman. I never knew that a few minutes could make such a difference in… Continue reading Three Minutes to Better Health