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One of THOSE Weeks…

"I wish you didn't have to travel again" I said to my husband as he packed his bags for a business trip. I knew the week ahead would be challenging as I prepared myself for the multiple events I would have to attend with six kids in tow. I took a deep breath and prayed… Continue reading One of THOSE Weeks…

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Three Minutes to Better Health

Are you looking for a QUICK, EASY way to improve your health and wellness? You can be on the road to feeling great in just a few minutes a day!!! How....? Well, let me start by saying I am a changed woman. I never knew that a few minutes could make such a difference in… Continue reading Three Minutes to Better Health

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Who Fills Your Cup?

When you look at the glass of water to the right, would you say the glass is half empty or half full? When I took psychology in college (YEARS AGO!), I remember learning that the answer to that simple question gave evidence as to whether you are pessimistic (you anticipate undesirable outcomes) or optimistic (you… Continue reading Who Fills Your Cup?

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Birthday Week – Our Little Miracle

Eight weeks out of the year we celebrate birthdays. Each person in our family celebrates a week of birthday fun for his/her birthday. It is a tradition I started 13 years ago when I had no idea what to buy my husband for his birthday. He isn't much into "stuff" but I knew I could… Continue reading Birthday Week – Our Little Miracle

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If Mom Got a Paycheck

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Galations 6:9 Just a little something the Lord put on my heart this week during my prayer time... If Mom Got a Paycheck by  Tisha (JOYFull Mom)… Continue reading If Mom Got a Paycheck