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Summer Must Have

Take the time to enJOY some summer sunshine! Soak in some vitamin D, breath in some fresh air, and uplift your mood. One of my favorite summer must haves is Young Living Citronella essential oil. You probably have heard of Citronella candles and tiki lamp fluid. Are you ready for the real deal? Read more… Continue reading Summer Must Have

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Joy of Wellness- Mocktails

If entertaining seems far fetched in the COVID world, let's choose JOY! All you need is some friends, an open outdoor space where you can gather 6 feet apart in the backyard, grab your masks, and start mixing some mocktails! Not up for gathering? These mocktails are perfect for some self-care deck time. Summer time… Continue reading Joy of Wellness- Mocktails

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NEW SERIES: Joy of Wellness

Many people believe that eating healthily and exercising is all it takes to live well. After I suffered the negative effects of stress regardless of my diet and exercise regimen, I began researching, studying, and living a lifestyle that changed the trajectory of my life. As a result, I am now helping people transform their… Continue reading NEW SERIES: Joy of Wellness