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Summer Must Have

Take the time to enJOY some summer sunshine! Soak in some vitamin D, breath in some fresh air, and uplift your mood. One of my favorite summer must haves is Young Living Citronella essential oil. You probably have heard of Citronella candles and tiki lamp fluid. Are you ready for the real deal? Read more… Continue reading Summer Must Have

Food for the Soul

Don’t Wish…

Sometimes, to stay positive we just need to change the way we approach things. Having the right mindset is essential to being successful in reaching your highest potential in whatever you seek to accomplish through Christ Jesus, whether it is a homemaker, teacher, doctor, coach...whatever it is you are called to do. As I was… Continue reading Don’t Wish…

Essential Oils

Finally…DIY EO Supplies!

  I am excited to present my newest page on my blog. DIY EO Supplies. I love making DIY products with Young Living essential oils and I love helping people get what they need to make products at home. Everything you make is one step closer to a toxic free home!!! I created a page… Continue reading Finally…DIY EO Supplies!